A single shot rang out.Loud,piercing the quiet ominous air.Alex fell to the ground.Gun fell to the wooden floor. Warm,sticky,dark blood began to cover the floor of the lighthouse.It was slowly moving away from the lifeless body of a lost man,towards the door. The same door this man and his best friend entered a week ago. This was destined to happen but just a week ago,these two men were none the wiser.

Day 1

   Alexander was young man in his early twenties.He came from a poor background,living in the slums of the city,always pushing himself further only to get away from it all. People loved him,hardworking,honest guy. The guy you could trust. So when his father’s friend mentioned a job at the lighthouse,he had to jump in. He jumped in,he grabbed it. He reached for it,dared and got it! The friend of the family knew the boy and was only happy to hear that he offered to work at the lighthouse. It did not have the best reputation.Stuck in the water,away from the coast on high,sharp,dangerous rocks. Completely isolated in the middle of what seemed like,regular stormy seas. The young man knew,this is his chance to get away from the city,earn the living,show people what he can do and perhaps get some amazing job offer in the future,after all of this. Family friend was all too happy but he had one condition:Two people must be working at the lighthouse as the regular maintenance and watch is required, and should be fulfilled by multiple people and Alexander,or Alex as he liked to be called,being the good friend that he was,he suggested his friend,Cyrus. This was the beginning of the end for both. He knew Cyrus was looking for a job and shared the same idea of getting out of the city as Alex. What could be better?Two best friends working together,just the two of them,making good money and away from the busy,dirty city. The man replied that Cyrus must be spoken with but it did sound like a good idea. Later that day,Alex met Cyrus,proposed the plan and they both were ecstatic. It was happening. Two friends,new job,big money.By the end of the day,both Cyrus and Alex were on the small boat,heading towards the ominious looking lighthouse,what seemed like in the middle of the rough sea. A lone bearded man of age was rowing the boat as the eager young men were clutching their belongins,wet from the sea water,eager to start their first day at the famous lighthouse. The lighthouse itself was a tall white construction. Worn with time,surrounded by thick tall trees and yet the light would shine as bright as ever. The rock it was on,was old,worn,full of sharp drops and edges.It was known as the rock of the suicides as the city folk would get a boat,escape to the rock and jump of the highest edge to their doom,all alone in the middle of nowhere and away from the hustle and the bustle of the big city. Uninterrupted,in peace and quiet.

   Finally,they were there,up close and the lighthouse looked menacing. Men attributed it to the weather and the location and remained optimistic of the time they will have working here. They grabbed some of their belongings from the boat and took them together to the lighthouse. Working at the lighthouse required men to have supplies of food and clothing for a week at a time before resupply boat comes so they had a number of bags to get through. As young men came back to the boat to collect the rest,they found that their helpful guide was gone,with their supplies. Half of them. Stealing was a normal thing in those times,not normal but common and these two were used to it but they did not expect this from an old man in the middle of nowhere. Now they were stuck on this rock for a week, with half a week’s supplies. It felt like lighthouse was starting it’s games but men attributed it to the city scum and the fact that nobody can be trusted. The following night,two friends got comfortable in the lighthouse,sorted their belongings and planned out the food consumption. If they had to survive a week,they had to ration it until resupply comes,if all goes as planned..

End of part 1..part 2coming up in the next couple of days..

Published by Arthur Lepa