The beginning of wisdom is to keep up your spirits in spite of everybody and everything. The trick is to find a comfortable observation post within easy reach – yourself – and to watch. Think of yourself as a Great Blue Heron on the look out. You’re on the look out for enjoyment.

There’s only two parts to the Philosophy of Enjoyment: a self and an object to be felt. Make it a habit to enjoy. It is your secret priority. No one else needs to know. Don’t boast about it. Don’t be a cheerful phoney or give advice. You’ll annoy everyone. You know that enjoyment is what life’s about. It’s why people do what they do. On this little blue dot filled with natural wonders – blue skies and sunshine – you are here to enjoy. Why suffer? Have a philosophic mind so that whatever you’re doing and wherever you are, no matter how nice or difficult, at least you can think in the right way.

Imagine you’re attending an event that is tedious. You’re at a table with strange people in a hot and ugly room. You think the people are petty and pompous, but there’s nothing you can do. It’s a work function and part of your job to be here. It’s the price you have to pay for food in your belly. In such a trying situation, what can your Philosophy of Enjoyment do to help?

First, your philosophy reminds you that you are dedicated to enjoyment. Why shouldn’t you enjoy yourself? Why feel miserable when you can feel happy despite these annoying people? Life is short. This ugly scene is an opportunity to wrestle with life. Are you going to let these people get to you? Of course not! Use your will to fight for your right to enjoy yourself.

wherever you are you can contemplateRemember your dedication and then become sensually aware. Look around. Where are you? What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? Imagine you’ve just arrived from another planet. Notice something small like your glass of water. Pick it up and take a drink. It tastes bad, but it’s so bad that it’s good! Look at the glass. Do you see the tiny fruit fly floating in it? Priceless. Now look at the people. Study them. Don’t be afraid to secretly stare. They’re too self-absorbed to notice you.

Imagine putting on a hat. It has a blue heron feather stuck in it. The imaginary hat reminds you to not take yourself so seriously. Who are you to judge these people? Are they not here to enjoy themselves too? Maybe you can help them out and in so doing, enhance your own enjoyment. There’s nothing quite like helping someone else to enjoy life. It is its own reward.

bowl of cherriesWith your stupid imaginary Philosophy of Enjoyment hat on, remind yourself that although there’s no need to love these annoying people, it is equally unnecessary for you to despise them. Force yourself to enjoy them. Repeat: Force yourself to enjoy them! See the humour in their annoyingness! Enjoy their pettiness! Enjoy their pomposity! Enjoy the humour in the situation. They’re perfectly pompous! Isn’t it great? Enjoy exquisite moments of perseverance. Enjoy the colours that you see. Enjoy the humorous absurdities of it all as if it were a show. The chief thing to do is to be forever losing yourself in the enjoyment of embracing it all. Life is just like a bowl of cherries, but don’t be surprised to see a few rotten ones.

That is as it should be. Enjoy yourself.

Published by Philosophy of ENJOYMENT