Hey there,

I do in fact keep a diary, or at least I am trying to (it’s harder than it seems). So I thought I could try to encourage others to do the same by giving you reasons why you should keep a diary.

1.It helps you remember important events and plans you had, especially If you have a bad memory

2.You can remember how you felt about something that someone did or something that happened

3.You can laugh at it in a few years’ time because fetus you from a year ago was probably stupid

4.It’s a good way to just let everything out without telling anyone

5.It makes you feel like a typical teenager like in the movies haha

6.You get to re-read it and see how much you’ve grown up and changed

7.You generally feel happier knowing you can write secrets down and hide it away from everyone

Thanks for reading, I hope you can see the benefits of having a diary and maybe became encouraged to try it out. Its hard work but it’s worth it. Don’t forget to check out my original blog where I put up new blog posts every Friday, lifewithliliana.wordpress.com. I promise I won't disappoint.

Love Lil xx

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