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I've always been a face oil junkie since oils made their appearance in my skincare routine my skin felt completely renewed, no more chronic dryness or itchiness but supple hydrated complexion.

Over the past years I tested different kinds of oils, to be frank with you I was immediately driven to "exotic" oils (my love for Moringa oil and Marula oil can bear the testimony), recently I've rediscovered one the most common of oils: Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Believe me, in this case, ordinary means not boring, on the contrary, I've had the pleasure to test and profit the variety of benefits that this miracle oil delivers to my face and body.

EVOO has always been in the kitchen cabinet and I remember using it at the beginning of my beauty junkie career as makeup remover oil, though I never dear to slap it on my face as an oil serum treatment. In the past weeks, my skin has been very dry and my Marula oil seemed not to be enough hydrating for my face and, especially at night-time, I was craving for some extra dose of nourishment. Long story short this is why I've decided to use EVOO on my face for the first time...results were self-explanatory!


EVOO as skin moisturizer

EVOO is one of the most nourishing oil on the market, it's high on oleic acid (up 'till 80%) this, of course, makes it heavier and thicker than other oil, but Hey I got some thirsty crocodile skin here that craves something really moisturizing, so for me it's ok. Don't worry, my skin hasn't ever been prone to clogging at the contrary it drinks up all the oils I slather up.

P.s. to promote oil absorption remember to use EVOO on wet skin, I like to apply my homemade (recipe here) Aloe vera essence before oil application.

EVOO is not just a bomb when it comes to deeply moisturize your skin but this it's not the only job it does, thanks to the high amounts of oleic acid, it is known for reducing inflammation, this means that if your skin suffers from minor skin issues like eczema, excessive dryness or itchiness olive oil might be extremely beneficial tratement.

Let's not forgot that EVOO contains a pool of antioxidants (vitamin A and E) that makes it an excellent anti-ageing oil serum!

P.s. EVOO is also excellent as body oil, if you are scared to end up like a potato frie rub EVOO on your body before having your shower, water and soap will get rid of excess oil and you will get out of your shower with baby smooth skin.

EVOO as Makeup remover

Here's an old-time favourite! Since I've got a bottle of EVOO in my bathroom next to my toothbrush and deodorant I've started using it mixed with my cleansing lotion. Every night I make my little concoction: one pump of my usual cleansing lotion mixed and one tsp of EVOO, even water-resistant makeup will break down in no time. There's no surprise in that, oils are the best makeup removers since chemistry teaches that like dissolve like and obviously, makeup has an oily component in every formulation. It might sound counterintuitive but EVOO as makeup remover can be used even by oily skins, in fact, vegetable oil dissolves the oils (sebum) lingering in your pores and on the skin surface for the same chemical principles mentioned before.

What are your favourites oils for winter skincare routine?! let me know!


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