Vacuum packing is a process where air is removed from a package prior to sealing it, making the sealed item airtight.

Vacuum packing is one of the most popular packing processes used in food preparation and many other industries and offers many benefits to those who manufacture and produce food.

Here are some of vacuum packing’s biggest benefits:-

Increases the Shelf Life of Food Products 

There is no doubt that vacuum packing has been a great addition to the food industry, and this is for several reasons. Perhaps the greatest is the removal of gas within a product and replacing it with another, causing the product to stay fresher longer in its packaging.

Vacuum packing typically removes oxygen from a product and replaces it with an inert gas such as nitrogen, and also creates an ideal atmosphere within the packaging. The result is that vacuum packaging can increase the shelf life of a product by up to 400%.

Vacuum packing prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi and also prevents evaporation of liquids. As a result it increases the shelf life of fresh products like meats, fruits, vegetables, and also is beneficial to shelf products like chips, cereals, nuts, and coffee.

Improves the Taste and Quality of Products in Your Freezer

Many products require long term freezing and are prone to freezer burn. Vacuum packing can substantially reduce dehydration and freezer burn in products such as meats, fruits and vegetables. It also helps the products retain its original taste. For those who want to lock in the taste of a particular product vacuum packing is the ideal solution. Companies that sell aged meat use vacuum packing for example to lock in natural juices and specific flavours of the meat. This process is especially effective for curing meats.

Keeps Out Any Unwanted Contaminants

Vacuum packing is great at keeping the taste in and also at keeping unwanted contaminants out. The process typically utilises thick plastic that forms an effective barrier against dust, moisture, insects, and a variety of other unwanted elements that may harm or damage products.

Shrinks the Size of a Product

A vacuum seal can also often shrinkto the actual size of the item. This allows for more to be placed into boxes or containers when shipping and when displayed on shelves or in freezers, saving companies money.

All Natural

Vacuum packing does not require any chemicals or harsh preservatives. In fact they can easily replace chemicals and preservatives and currently are the choice for organic and other natural food products storage.


Vacuum packing is a quick process that adds an inert gas and seals the packaging in one continuous seal.

Vacuum packing machines can be purchased in all sizes and made to accommodate all configurations of packaging for vacuum sealing. Today small, medium and large sized companies in the food industry and other related industries that need to compress the sizes of their products for shipping or sale are purchasing vacuum packing machines because of the many benefits they provide.


Published by Zachary McGavin