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Please allow me to rant a little for just a moment: 

I grew up in the military, have been married twice to military members, and therefor pretty much 99% of the people I come into contact with are military. 

Let me start by saying that first of all, I have a deep respect for our military members and all that they do for us. I believe they are brave and sacrifice a lot in order to keep us safe. I love the military members I have in my life, and this is not something against them. 


I am a believer that the people of America, the civilians, deserve the right to healthcare and education as well. This is an unpopular opinion, but not only does it work in many other progressive countries around the world, but everybody (even those who oppose it out of fear of raised taxes) wants it. They just only want it for themselves. 

I have talked to so many government employees and service members who join, choose to stay in, or focus on their retirement for exactly the same reasons: they want the benefits. They have a point. Getting to go to the doctor when you are hurt or sick without fear of bankruptcy is a great thing. Getting to take college classes and further your education and career opportunities is also a great thing. All of this comes from the government for them. And then, when asked if they think everyone should have these rights, they say of course not! 

I was talking to an ex military member who was going on and on about how people should have to work and stay working for their right to any kind of benefit and how the idea of free public healthcare was ridiculous. Not only was he a former doctor who said it would lessen his paycheck which would bother him, but he then went on to tell me how excited he was that his retirement benefits were going to keep paying him and covering his healthcare coverage. He wouldn't want to be paying those bills. 

The civilians I do know and the jobs that I work as a civilian create tired and poor people who don't go to the doctor when they need it because they know they can't afford the medicine or even the emergency room visit. I am certified EMT and worked at the hospital for awhile. I can promise you there is nothing more sad than a person who obviously needs medical attention who begs you not to help them because they can't afford it.

I would understand if this was some radical idea that had never been done before, or if when it was done it failed horribly. But this is not the case at all. 

Countries that have healthcare and education for their citizens have higher taxes, but they also have happier people who wouldn't trade it for anything. Some of these countries are even ahead of us in world ranking for healthcare and education simply because people have access to it and therefor take advantage of these life opportunities. 

People always say they don't want their tax dollars going towards this and that...wouldn't you like to know your tax dollars are going toward your ability to take your child to the doctor or care for your family member with cancer, or get that Master's degree?

You can't grow a strong healthy country if the people in it are sick, poor, and uneducated. 

Published by K. J. Cordova