The digital marketing is to place your restaurant at the top of the search results. To achieve this you have to use certain techniques that Google considers essential for the search engine to place you above your competitors. With a good Online Marketing strategy, you will increase your visits both on your website and in your restaurant.

Keywords to find your restaurant on Google

Do not confuse the keywords with the Meta tag of the same name (which Google does not take into account). To know which are the keywords that will improve your positioning you have to put yourself in the skin of the person who is going to look for you. What will you write on Google? We recommend that you sell your restaurant as the best, emphasizing the particularities that differentiate you from others. If your restaurant is located in a youth zone, talk about its location and the public you want to attract. When you make the description of the website, put the name of your restaurant, its location (city, neighborhood...) and the differentiating aspect of the competition. Remember that inviting bloggers is a good option for three reasons, the first because they will talk about you in your blog; the second, because they will link to your website and Google value the hyperlinks that point to your page and last and most importantly, they will attract customers to your business.

Factors of the web positioning

Google does not visually analyze your website, it reads it. And it improves the positioning if it is designed for the user you are going to address. Make your website accessible and simple so that the people who visit you do not get lost when it comes to the content that interests them. In the background, the best practice is to build the web naturally, without too many "hiding places" in which the user can be lost. Although it seems hard to believe, Google knows how to value this.

Set up your Google My Business account

With a Google My Business, you can open a wide door for customers using this search, that is to say, the vast majority of users. Is about complete the information you require Google to index well your company is well positioned.

Describe all the details that act as claim for your business. It is not only filling out basic information about our business as address, schedule or telephone number. We must also include special events, Photos, to link to your menu, payment types you accept, and so on.

The most important thing is to ensure that the information provided is accurate and useful for customers/users.

Your Google My Business page is not the place to show off excess, or look for shocking twists in the presentation of your activity. Be serious and direct, it presents your restaurant professionally and offers valuable ideas that will convince customers to choose him instead of your competitors.

Create quality content

The website of your restaurant has to have its own content and dedicated to talking about what identifies it most: its food, its service, its operation, style, capacity, etc. We know that it is difficult to provide content on a restaurant's website, so we recommend you have a blog, Google will see that you edit your website daily and help position yourself. This blog can be perfectly the menu of the day or news related to the gastronomic aspect you want. If your restaurant does not exist on the internet, it does not exist for all your potential customers either.

Analyze your competition

Find out what are the weaknesses of the restaurants that are in your vicinity, that have a similar offer to yours or that look for the clients you want to attract. With your website, you will identify what your marketing strategy is and what your weaknesses are. Without forgetting what your goal is, try to cover the gaps left by your competitors and improve the services they already offer.

However, Online Marketing Melbourne has a team of expert professionals in search engine positioning for restaurants and companies in general, with a wide knowledge of the criteria that Google uses to give relevance to the webs, with which they are amply qualified to carry out those actions that finish with the website of your restaurant at the top of the search engines.

Measure your results and keep growing

You are not alone when it comes to positioning your website! Use all that Google offers you:

Google Analytics: Analyze your web page and inform you in detail about the type of user that visits you, from where, the time of the visit and from which device you have entered. In addition, this report can be more comprehensive if you add features such as conversion rates, visit flows, funnels, filters, etc. Recognize where customers come to your website is an opportunity that you do not have to miss, as you can enhance the most used routes and improve the flow that attracts them. Investigate the words that the public uses when finding restaurants to eat and generate a marketing strategy related to those searches.

Google Webmaster Tools: Identify the basic points of your website and help you improve them. It informs you of the problems that your website has and gives you the guidelines on how to solve them.

Woorank: It is an SEO analysis tool. Rate the aspects that help to position your website positively or negatively. The negative results will be accompanied by advice to solve them.

There are many more tools, but these are the simplest for you to start positioning your restaurant in search engines like Google.

Published by Mary Charli