Hello Green Beauties,

I'm glad to be back with a new post dedicated to Hair Care and, this time, I'm addressing to curly girls that are following the Curly Girls Method, keeping on eye to avoiding silicones and nasty chemicals.

Due to the summer heat wave, two months go I gave up blow drying my hair and styling them straight. I've embraced my naturally curly wavy texture learning to wash and style my hair to encourage my natural curl pattern. Needless to say, I've experimented a lot of products to really understand what it works best for curly hair and for my specific type of hair. For reference, I'm a 3a-3b curly hair type and some disciplined 2b-2c locks.

I've the feeling that my waves and curl do not like heavy styling products or gels but they love a generous dose of leave in squished into my soaked wet locks.

Recently I've come across to Garnier Fructis Nourishing Banana Hair food that works wonders for my hair to shape my curls and deliver definition to my locks without resort to any other stylers. This product is designed to work both as a rinse off conditioner/mask and as a leave in. In my opinion, it is quite a mild conditioner/mask (works best for fine- not so moisture lacking hair) and, as for my experience, definitely gives it best results as a leave-in/curl cream. I like to slather a good amount of product on damp hair and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch, promote curl formation as I would normally do with any sort of curl cream.

Results are amazing. I can definitely see my hair more curly and defined.

A huge shout out to Garnier that is releasing hair care products that are listening to the need of a natural (no silicones) hair care routine, in fact, the Garnier Fructis Nourishing Banana Hair food is made with 98% of natural ingredients and is banning silicones, parabens and artificial colors, plus it smells like tropical paradise.

Have you tried it as a curl cream?! Let me know.


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