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Highlighting have been around for a while now, and it is use for popping some of your face features out to make your face more three-dimension

When I scrolled down Instagram, I saw tons of crazy highlighting going on such as  rainbow highlights and holographic highlights

I am not a big highlighter person but I do have an obsession with sparkle and lights

So here we are, five of the highest rated high-end highlighters on the market

 These highlighters are in the price range of $34-$54

Highlighter could be a good investment because they usually last quite long

But you definitely no need to buy this much

I will give you the honest reviews that hopefully would help you for future shopping:)




This is my first time trying highlighter from Bobbi Brown

And I am so adore this beautiful champaign pink

If you are in darker skin tone, this would be a absolute stunning highlight

If you are fair like me, this could use as a blush topping or a blush

This highlight kind of reminds me of “Orgasm” from Nars

“Orgasm” have more golden sparkle and it’s more on the coral side

And “Sunset Glow” right here is more at the pink side, and the sparkle is smaller and denser

Any brushes can take a good amount from this highlighter

And I think that’s important for powder product since you want to grab a ideal amount without digging too deep in the pan

They are high-pigmented but not too intense



I have “Opal” in both powder and liquid application, and it’s a golden champaign colour

To be honest, I do not enjoy it too much because it does not have the highlighting effect I expected

When people said BECCA have the best highlighter, I was so confused and I don’t understand what everyone said that

I told myself I would not buy from BECCA again for highlighters


But when I saw this new rose shade in Sephora, I decide to give BECCA another try

Because my eyes literally can not take away from this gorgeous colour

Turn out, I love it sooooooo much

And I now understand why I don’t enjoy “Opal” as much as this one

It’s because “Opal” is a golden shade, and it’s too yellow for me

Therefore it doesn’t show up as good as this should be

Choosing a right colour is crucial when it comes to highlighter

It should not be too close to your own skin colour otherwise it might look like sweat

But it can’t be too light either because it will not looks flattery


This rose shade is perfect

The texture is super soft and smooth

It feels like heaven just by touching it

And the colour is pigmented but still natural

I love the pink undertone so much, I think it gives you some natural glow with a hint of blush

This is my favourite highlighter so far

It said “Limited Edition” on Sephora’s website

So you probably want to pause here and put “Rose Quartz” in your shopping cart now

I highly highly recommend this one

This will give you the perfect luminous skin with the least amount of effort

And you can totally go intense by adding more layers, it’s up to you!


First all of, this design is so Marc Jacobs

It’s classic, simple but functional

It is a highlighter stick that would twist out by a black wheel at the bottom


As a huge fan of Marc Jacobs, both fashion and beauty wises

This product is no less than I expected

This is a cool tone white shade that might consider as the most universal colour for highlighting

You can slide the product on your cheek bone easily because there’s a arch on the stick

And basically one slide is enough for daily use, it’s easy to control the amount

The only cons about this glow stick is it might move your foundation while applying

So I would recommend use it without foundation, or apply with fingers and tap the product on


I find stick highlighter is more natural looking than powder highlighter

As you can see in this picture, the glow is very flatten on the skin

It looks more like your own skin


This is a two ends sculpting stick, and I will be focusing on “Copacabana” for this highlighter post

This is a pearl shade that you can use in on eyes, cheeks, lips and body

The formula is dry, which is very different from many other sticks

And probably because it’s not as sticky as usual, the pigmentation is a little bit disappointing, as you can see in the picture below


You can barely see the pigment

Well, the contouring side is alright, but for me the highlighting end is not acceptable

You may need to take more effort on rubbing the product

And even though it’s dry, it will still move your foundation


I draw it right on the cheek bone, and I repeat it several times

As you can see, the foundation is moved, and it makes my face become a rough, lumpy and uneven surface

It might looks alright from a distance but definitely looks bad when it’s up close

I love Nars in generally, but this product is a dissapointment


The Cheek & Lip Stain from Benefit is my high school favourite

I use it everyday to make myself look awake

Many of my friends recommended me this liquid highlighter

And since I have a good history with the stain, I decide to give this a try


It turns out better than I expected, look at the shine

It is not as pink as “Rose Quartz” from BECCA and it’s not as cool as “Spotlight” from Marc Jacobs

It is a medium light pink that could looks super natural on all the skin tone

I think this highlighter is miming people’s skin tone, because it is shinny but also nude

This liquid, a little goes a long way

You can control the amount easily by decide how many drops you want to put on

I would recommend this for makeup newbies

Because it’s the least pricy product over all these, and the quality is fairy high

Also one bottle would last you for quite a long time


The glow is so natural and flattering

Simply patting the liquid into your skin to achieve that natural glow

And it doesn’t move your makeup underneath

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And if you have tried any of these above!

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