Life is so unpredictable, full of mysteries, unanswered questions, and unsolved missions.  As we all move forward with the pace of our lives, we tend to forget who we are with all the struggles and problems that come along with it.  People will talk behind us back, stab us with strong words, they will let us down until we stumble on the ground. These people will step on us and test us to our very limit, leaving us a half hearted is we should go on with our lives, with our destinies, with our future.

Despite all these terrible things that might be happening to us, we should see it as blessings in disguise.  These setbacks are just mere ways that lead us to our future us.  Those people who want us down right now are those people who will polish us to our very core, to let our characters shine through from us.  Yes, we might be stumbled down right now on our knees, but we must remind ourselves that God has something for us; our best is yet to be.  Life didn’t promise us all the sweet things in the world. Life didn’t promise us all the happy things.

We are born as fighters in this existence; we all have missions to accomplish.  If we are born poor in this place, then we have a job to climb our way to the top, no one can bring us down if we are already on the ground.  More than that, we are here to change the earth for the better and to touch somebody’s life.  Then someday we can finally say, “my someday before, finally, it’s my now today”.



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Published by Tina Maria