I take skincare very seriously. I don't tan & barely put make-up on, especially during the summer season - which is why I adore the no-makeup trend. I can't stand the idea of roasting for hours under the sun, & applying sticky layers of product onto My skin; summer's My least favorite season, so I really don't need extra help feeling the heat & humidity! That's why I resort to a very trusty skincare routine that includes very few carefully picked makeup products! Here are the only 10 products You need (no, 10 is not much for an A-to-Z facial + make-up routine) for combination skin, & they're all available for other skin types, too! (PS: this post is not sponsored, I'm just sharing  My honest love!)

1. Cleaner - Dark Angels by LUSH Cosmetics


The name's cute, & the product's awesome; I love Lush because they're organic, cruelty-free, & really, really good! If You have oily or combination skin, then You know the struggle of having clear skin one day & an acne break out the next. This awesome cleanser absorbs the excess oil, yet keeps the skin soft & hydrated. Also, the charcoal & sugar both exfoliate & deeply cleanse My pores, which helps get rid of pesky blackheads!

2. Toner - Clarifying Lotion 3 by Clinique

This is the miracle product My eldest sister & I swear by. It's the exact fix You need if You suffer from occasional break-out due to oily skin, like I do. It's so strong that I still find residue on the cotton pad even after I wash My face with My cleanser. I use this right before I apply moisturizer, to make sure all the excess oils are gone & My skin is no longer shiny.

3. Moisturizer - Vinosource Moisturizing Matifying Fluid by Caudalie Paris

So, My sister converted Me to camp Caudalie last year. She did the same to our eldest sister & mother, & I've recently converted 2 of My friends, as well. Yeah. It's that good. & their new rose collection is divine! It smells great, it instantly gives Your skin moisture, & gives that velvety, matte-effect.

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