That is actually accessible… I’ve started this year with exploring my own country. Having spent several months abroad last year, reciving question after question of places in Norway, places I’d never been – I felt a little bit embarrassed about my lack of knowledge. It was high time I explored the place I call home.

Northern-Norway, Alta

It’s sad. Norwegians are among the Europeans that travel the most, but few of us visit the northern parts of our own country. When we travel we travel south, and who can blame us? We don’t get a lot of warmth, so we go to Spain and Greece to get some much needed vitamin D. However, Northern-Norway is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, and dog sledding is worth the trip alone. It’s a taste of the real Arctic – dancing northern lights and endless white horizons.



The city of seven mountains. They are everywhere, majestic and tall. Choose any one of them and know that the view from the top is going to be worth your effort.

Bryggen, the old wharf, is on the world heritage list and the place to be in the summer. The restaturants sets chairs outside and norwegians enjoy cold beverages and smile more than ever.


Wide open, calm and ancient. There is history everywhere, in the Old Town of course, but also in church. Nidaromsdomen is hundreds of years old and the place where the kings of Norway have been crowned. I visited the ajecent museum and learned about the royalty of a different time.

If you visit, beware, Vikings guard this city.


I walked around and looked at statues; pretending to know where I was going. The capital of Norway is small compared to other capitals in Europe, but compared to other cities in Norway it’s large. Oslo offers multiple opportunities to get cultivated or learn something new; I stopped by the national art gallery, a museum about the polarship Fram, and spent hours at the Nobel Peacecenter. Culture is everything in this city – and it has a lot of it. Plan ahead and buy a ticket to the Opera, or visit the castle and watch the changeing of the guards at 13:30.

You don’t get the same serenity here as you do in the abovementioned cities; there are no colorful wooden houses and quirky narrow streets, but perhaps that’s not what one is looking for when visiting Oslo anyway. Get lost in the noise and busyness of a metropolis.

Time your visit to an event. Biathlon World Championship, March, 2016.

Published by Ragnhild S