We all hear the stories of authors who made it to the big time. We can name on our fingers who they all are because they're right there in our faces.

But yet, there are thousands of writers who never see the spotlight. They work and toil in the privacy of their homes, on the job, and with a dozen responsibilities. Perhaps they're like me, juggling work and other duties along with creativity. Perhaps these unseen writers are dealing with health issues and still trying to create. And there are still more that may be facing all kinds of odds and yet...they still write.

This show is all about encouraging you, the writer,  who may want to quit. This show is for you, the hungry artist searching for your tribe one book at a time. This show is all about you and letting you know one thing -- writing is worth the effort.

Join me and my guest Pastor George McVey as we encourage, empower, and excite you to continue the call God has given you to write. Call in with prayer requests, chit chat, or anything else 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download Stitcher on your mobile device. Or, you can click on the link here. http://tobtr.com/s/9708719. Tune in!

Published by Parker J Cole