In the past two decades, online payment methods have grown from suspicious platforms of money transfer to the most trusted options. Their ability to make quick, secure, and easy cash payments has gained them this status, which appears only to be bettering with time. The rise of this niche has aided in the success of many others, one of them being that of gambling. Online banking channels allows punters to deposit real money into their casino accounts to play games such as those listed in and withdraw the winnings that are generated. Out of the numerous options found in gambling destinations, some of those that are considered the best are discussed further.


PayPal rose in the online scene in 1998 and operated as a private company for four years until eBay acquired it in 2002. The cashier channel mainly serviced the online market place but also partnered with other companies. PayPal then became an independent entity in 2015, and it has since continued to partner with hundreds of gambling destinations across the globe. 

PayPal is labelled among the best payment channels due to its wide accessibility in two hundred and two countries around the world. The banking method can be linked to more than one bank, which makes it a viable option for use by punters with a variety of accounts. Additionally, the vast accessibility allows gamblers to sample casino sites from numerous regions across the globe. Other upsides that make PayPal stand out from others in the crowd include:

  • An easy account creation process that does not demand payments.

  • Free membership without monthly or annual fees. The channel only demands small charges during the transfer of cash.

  • Inclusion of a multilingual feature to break the language barrier.

  • Acceptance of a wide range of currencies, including US dollars, pounds, euros, and Canadian dollars, among others. 

  • Secure transfers since the registered casino is not offered access to banking information. 


Visa has been a common name in the financial sector since 1958 when Bank of America established it. Even with its thriving nature, the entity was not recognised as an independent firm until 1976. Today, it offers its services in more than two hundred countries around the world. The widespread nature of this payment option is because it does not operate as a banking platform on its own. Rather, it forges partnerships with banks, which allows the virtual transfer of cash but by the regulations of the respective bank.

The diverse nature of Visa makes it an easy option for most gambling destinations to turn to as well as its intricate security systems. Punters can use this channel for casino deposits and withdrawals in three main modes, which are:

  • Visa Debit – This card can only be used to deposit funds that one already has in their bank account, but the limit can be surpassed up to a certain point. 

  • Visa Electron – This option functions a lot like Visa Debit, but the allowed surpassing limit is scrapped off. 

  • Visa Credit – This channel transfers cash even if one’s account doesn’t have the amount and works on the basis of a limit that is paid later on. 


Cryptocurrencies are the latest mode of money to hit the financial market, and Bitcoin is right at the top of the popularity lists. The digital money was invented in 2009, and it has quickly been adopted in the gambling world due to numerous reasons such as its ease of use, security, and speedy transactions. The mode of payment is not bound to a particular jurisdiction, which allows gambling destinations to access a lot more markets while punters get to sift through a lot more options without restriction. 


Neteller is the leading eWallet cashier option in the online gaming world, and it has been in business since 1999. This Optimal Payments PLC affiliate has its headquarters in Europe where it relocated from Canada in 2004. The entity can be used for money transfers in two hundred countries worldwide, including:

  • The United Kingdom

  • Macao

  • Japan

  • Belgium

  • Spain

  • Nigeria

  • Turkey, etc. 

Neteller is open for use when cashing in and out of casino accounts, which makes it a convenient option for most.  

Wrap Up

Cash transfer to and from online casinos has gone from a distressing event to one of the least challenging tasks thanks to the channels listed above. Punters should confirm the laws of their country before using any of the options to facilitate real money gambling. 


Published by Matthew Piggot