Are you interested in witnessing mountain gorillas from your own eyes? Then it is important for you to figure out the locations that provide gorilla safaris for the people like you. Gorilla safaris are available in a variety of destinations across the world. Here is a list of some of the best places available out of them for you to visit in order to grab a unique experience with gorilla safaris.

1. Uganda

Uganda has become world famous for offering unique gorilla safaris for the tourists. People from every corner of the world prefer to visit the country and take part in the gorilla safaris in Uganda. In Uganda, it is possible for you to find two major gorilla parks. Both these gorilla parks are located towards the South Western region of the country. Out of the parks that offer gorilla safaris in Uganda, Mgahinga National Park has received a lot of attention. In addition, you can think about visiting the top of Mountain Sabinio, where Rwanda and Uganda meet each other. It is a kingdom of mountain gorillas and you are guaranteed to experience these animals in their natural habitats.

The best thing about gorilla safaris in Uganda is the professionalism of tour guides. You will be provided an excellent assistance by the tour guides. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy your journey without any hassle. These tour guides have decades of experience. As a result, they have a clear understanding about where the gorillas spend their time. In addition, they are in a position to help you overcome frustrations that you will come across throughout the journey. Therefore, you just need to follow the guidance given to you by the tour guides in Uganda and you will end up with getting the most out of your experience with the mountain gorillas.

2. Rwanda

Rwanda can be considered as the most popular destination in the world for gorilla safaris. However, Rwanda is not a big country. This country is about the size of wales. Due to gorilla safaris, people from all parts of the world prefer to visit Rwanda as well. This has contributed a lot towards the development of infrastructure within the country as well. In Rwanda, you can discover several places to experience gorilla safaris. Out of those destinations, Volcanoes National Park has received a lot of attention. This is a premier destination available for the individuals who are interested in taking part in mountain gorilla safaris. If you have watched the movie, Gorillas in the Mist, you are already familiar with this destination. In Rwanda, it is possible for you to witness relaxed gorillas in their natural habitats. In addition, you will be able to discover stunning views in the country as well. These stunning views have further enhanced the chances available for you with watching gorillas.

3. Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo can be considered as another world famous destination available for the individuals who are interested about taking part in the gorilla safaris. In the world we live, you can find four major sub-species of gorillas. Out of those four sub-species, three can be found in Democratic Republic of Congo. This fact has contributed a lot towards the popularity of gorilla safaris in the country. If you are interested in visiting Democratic Republic of Congo for gorilla safaris, you should think about visiting the Kahuzi Biega National Park. It is a paradise available for the tourists who are looking forward to witness lowland gorillas. This park has also earned reputation for providing the best views of gorillas to the guests. All developed infrastructure facilities are also available for the people who visit Democratic Republic of Congo to take part in gorilla safaris. However, you are strongly encouraged to take a look at the security of the country before you visit. That’s because some months are not safe at all for the tourists to visit Democratic Republic of Congo.

While you are spending your time in Democratic Republic of Congo, you can also think about visiting the Virunga National Park. However, you will only be able to get into this park, if the security allows. After the arrest of Nkunda, who is a rebel leader back in 2009, things have improved significantly. However, the region is still unsettled. Therefore, you will need to take your risks and visit Democratic Republic of Congo to experience a gorilla safari. If you are a person who is not looking forward to take such risks, you are encouraged to stay away from Democratic Republic of Congo as much as possible. Instead, you can think about visiting any of the above mentioned destinations.

4. Congo

Congo was a paradise for gorillas back in the day. However, the gorilla population in Congo dropped significantly due to the Ebola virus that hit the country back in 2002. However, the virus has completely been eliminated now and you can think about taking part in your gorilla safari without keeping any doubts in mind. If you are planning to visit Congo for a gorilla safari, Odzala National Park is the destination that you need to select. It is an excellent destination available for you to get closer to the WL gorillas and explore them closely with your eyes.

The Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park has also been able to earn reputation for offering gorilla safaris for the people who visit Congo. In this park, you will be able to find around 100 gorillas. All these gorillas are properly being monitored by the Wildlife Conservation Society. As a result, you will need to adhere to their rules while you are exploring the jungle. During the time you spend in Congo, it is also possible for you to drive to Léfini Reserve. That’s because the rescued gorillas are often being rehabilitated and released to Léfini Reserve. 

Published by Emily Rose