Take a moment of your time and imagine yourself in the best possible way in the best of your realities, at a job that you have craved for, with wonderful colleagues, an upbeat work environment packaged with the perks of dealing with exciting tasks and challenges. You might also imagine everything that could have been right if you have been right – your dreams come true, your family come true. Everything you could have had should you have time and patience, luck and imagination. And the chance to live in the best possible world.
Just do not wish for fairytales or surreal fantasies but good down-to-earth possibilities.

If you’ve got an idea, try to see how to put it into practice, if you’ve got a passion or an interesting set of skills, try to devise a way to put them at work for you in a business idea or a better job. If you want children, name them, give them shape and beauty. If you have a dream, attach a name and a reality to it. Name everything you want and believe in your possible new paths. Think about who you would like to work with, customers, collaborators, colleagues. Think about the people you would like to speak to and in front of whom. Think about your “tribe”…People who will follow you. Who would you like them to be?
Start writing about all these and do not stop for 15 minutes.

“The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions.”-Donald B. Calne

After I took the pencil from the paper I had a shapeless idea which shape-shifted into countless tailored stories built on emotions. Along the way I have customized my imperfect heart in slices and parts of the invisible I could never admit was there.

I am not successful and I am happy. To have recreated firstly myself and then “the everything” that has fallen into the right place.

Art by Pascal Campion.

Originally published on blogdecompanie.wordpress.com.

Published by Iulia Halatz