Have you ever experienced tooth loss? Statistics say almost 8 out of 10 adults aging 40 years have lost at least one permanent tooth. Well, thanks to decay, injury, extraction, disease or any other cause. Often, people feel self-conscious about the gap created in smiles that may look funny. Missing teeth are not only embarrassing but also cause oral health issues. When one tooth leaves, it opens the door for issues like teeth shifting, gum disease and overall jaw problems.

Missing teeth have to be replaced with any form of rehabilitation as soon as possible. For many years, the only option that was available was some form of dentures. Now, with the growing industry in all forms, we have the opportunity for long-term and fixed tooth replacement with the beautiful Dental Implants. Replacing the missing teeth not only give you your smile back to its healthiest state but also gives a boost to your self-confidence.

To replace the missing teeth, the recommended treatment options for you are specifically created according to your dental health needs. For some, the dental bridge is the preferred treatment. Bridges are made and anchored in the missing tooth place by taking the support of adjacent healthy sound teeth. But affordability is a factor which has an influence on oral health. For example, Dental implant cost varies with the place. Hence it is important to pay attention and search for your benefit.

For some patients, the dental implant and crown is the best treatment. It mimics the root of the tooth and the top which is the most visible portion. Please notice that we are not saying dentures, this is because dentures are not considered a very healthy option to replace one or multiple missing teeth.This is primarily because dentures with a prolonged use cause bone loss. Dentures do not replace the root of the teeth and without it,ja wbone actually begins to erode.

The only long-term and fixed solution to replace a single or multiple missing tootharea Dental Implant. It not only replaces your missing toothgap butmakes sure it looks great by using a natural looking crown to cover theimplant. biocompatible materialDental implants are made up of titanium, which is biocompatible with the body. It fuses with the jawbone in a process called osseointegration. It will prevent further bone loss and stabilizes your bite. Implants can last a lifetime with the highest success rate of all the tooth replacement options with the maintenance of proper hygiene by daily brushing and flossing. Follow ups are also the key to the success rate.

Advantagesof Dental ImplantsOver Dentures

1. Replace a single tooth

Dental Implants can replace even a single missing tooth, but dentures and fixed bridges are usually only an option when there are multiple missing teeth to be replaced.

2. Naturally compatible

The titanium which is used in dental implants is compatible with the body naturally while dentures are made from plastic or acrylics which irritate the gums in long term use.

3. Long term solution

While dentures are not permanent and fixed, they tend to slip. Dental implants naturally fuse with the jaw bone tissue. It replicates the tooth root. Therefore, you end up with the replacement which will also resist decay. It eliminates slippage to make eating and talking easier.

Published by Karen Anthony