There are several centuries that serve as proof of the fact that women have been demoralized, put down and ran over in every way possible. As much as men normally like to disagree with that statement, it is true and there are billions of women who can testify to that. However, the 21st century is certainly nothing like every century before it. Simply because women are more outspoken now than they ever were. They are retaliating and rebelling against every societal standard that was ever laid upon them.

Nonetheless, such a huge change did not just come overnight nor was it due to one single woman. Thousands of people – both men and women – knew that the time to dominate females without an ounce of regret had come to an abrupt end and thus, everyone joined hands and put in decade’s worth of time to bring about this change. Today, women empowerment is one of the most popular topics in discussion – even in politics.

However, many people are still asking the same questions: what about the women that endured several years of abuse and torment at the hands of the men that they trusted? How are they expected to move forward and fight for equality if they cannot get past the traumatic experiences that are engraved in their memory?

Well, the answer to that is simple. They must practice and work towards overcoming these experiences no matter how difficult it might be in order to finally be a part of a world that gives women every right that has been given to men in the past. There are several ways through which women can overcome their emotional turmoil by unwinding the memories that they have of their traumatic experiences.


This powerful item that was created by Marylin Schirmer or Maz Schirmer, is certainly nothing short of a Godsend. It is one of the most crucial pieces that has been created for the purpose of helping women unwind and forget their traumatic experiences with ease. It helps in bringing about a change in beliefs that might be sabotaging in nature, helps revert backwards, drastically reduces intense negative emotions and anxiety and is absolutely painless as well!

The creator, Maz Schirmer, has had her fair share of difficulties as well. She experienced several traumatic incidents that left her feeling paralyzed and numb with no hope for a bright future. Although it was a long time until Maz helped herself get out of the vicious cycle of sexual, physical and emotional abuse that she was stuck in, she ensured that no woman would ever have to encounter such inhumane behaviour – not under her watch at least.

However, in addition to just opting for Creatrix, it is important for one to be open to help in order to change their life. Everyone goes through traumatic experiences but it is not staying stuck at that moment that will help you move ahead. There’s nothing else that really matters.

Published by Julia Morison