Travelling with your dog can be quite an experience, especially if they have car sickness. The best thing to do is to train your dog ahead of time to be comfortable when in the car. Most dogs associate getting in the car with going to the vet so, some positive counterconditioning may be needed to get them to comfortable. However, this takes time to do and may not work for all dogs. Here are some of the ways to calm your dog when travelling:

  • Bring Your Dog’s Favourite Toys and Clothes

Something as simple as bringing along your dog’s favourite clothes and toys can go a long way in making them calm for the journey. Familiar items can be calming for your dog and help them enjoy the trip.You have to be careful that your dog does not end up chewing up and eating the item as that can cause some unwanted complications.

  • Condition your car for comfort.

In addition to bringing their favourite toys and clothes, playing calming music and fresh air in the car can make for a comfortable trip for some dogs. Classical music is an excellent choice for calming an anxious dog. Also, try opening the windows a bit to allow fresh air in, you don't want it to be open enough for them to stick their heads out. That exposes them to the danger of a head injury.

You should also try stopping every few hours for exercise and toilet.

  • Use Artificial Pheromones:

Pheromones are chemical signals produced by animals to help them communicate with other animals. Although these pheromones are produced naturally, some of them have been copied artificially and are available in both collar and spray form.

An example is AdaptilTMwhich reduces anxiety in dogs. It is recommended that you spray in the car or on the dog about 15 minutes before embarking on your journey. If you are using the collar form, you can just put it on your dog to reduce their anxiety

The essence of some flowers and plants also help calm some pet's anxiety, they are referred to as homoeopathic remedies and are a viable alternative to pheromones.

  • Use restraints:

The safest way to travel with a dog is to use a travel harness, carrier or crate. They help your dog feel more secure and also keep both the dogs and other occupants of the car safe.

While the type of restraint you will use depends on the size of your dog, their comfort level with the restraint and the size of your car, you should try to use a soft dog crate to give your dog optimum comfort.

  • Medicate your dog:

This is the least advisable way to calm your pet while travelling and should only be done when every other approach has failed and under the instruction of your veterinarian. Some medication can help your dog relieve anxiety and enjoy travelling but you have to consult your veterinarian for it. There are quite a number of drugs that can help but only the Veterinarian can understand how they affect your dog.

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