When people find out I’m vegan they often ask me if it isn’t „hard“ not eating animal products, if it isn’t getting „boring“ eating „only“ veggies and fruit, blah blah

But the thing is that it isn’t hard eating vegan, the hardest thing about being vegan has nothing to do with food!

In fact, the hardest aspect is dealing with people around you, that being your family, friends, strangers.

What makes this aspect so hard?

When first turning vegan over a year ago, my parents were firstly surprised and kinda weird about it, they didn’t understand why I would commit myself to such a „extrem“ lifestyle (reaaally extrem considering simply not supporting an industry killing, raping and torturing animals).

But yeah, I had to grow a thicker skin there, not to angrily shout at my family whenever they would put  themselves against my facts. However, I wasn’t going to let anybody tell me what to put in my body, and after explaining my parents everything during a long car drive, they accepted it, they basically had to.

Then there are your friends, here it is really important to know that „real“ friends should accept all your choices no matter what, unless you’re not hurting yourself or others (and by turning vegan you are really hurting nobody). Another important thing is that some of your friends are going to make a little joke here and there which is fine - people often make fun of „new“ things and circumstances because they don’t know how to handle the situation.

BUT, you have to know where the line is between a few teasing jokes and making fun of you and veganism. That’s when you know those are not your friends.

Then there are strangers, people you meet and maybe become friends with or people you are never going to see in your life again.

Most people will just acknowledge the fact you’re vegan, maybe ask a few questions and that’s it, but there are going to be people that are going to start an abstract „fight“ with you saying how we are meant to eat meat, we are omnivores and this is how we evolved, animals don’t have a soul, don’t feel pain, blah blah blah

For those special people you have to do 3 things:

  1. Don’t get fired up!

those people just want to tear you down on their miserable state of mind. I know it’s hard to not scream at them and rip their head off but I’m telling you: it isn’t worth it!

Try to stay calm, breath and answer them in a polite and professional way..you got this!

2.Educate yourself!

This one is really important, not only for those kind of situations but also for you! This way you know what to say to people who „don’t get it“ but also to people who are interested and even consider going vegan, not to forget it is always good for you to be educated, it strengthens your beliefs and makes you more confident.

3.Know when to stop.

This one in particular is hard for me, knowing when the person in front of you has a closed mind and is simply not flowing and open minded, doesn’t give a crap about animals or is not at this point of his/her journey. Realizing this takes a lot of strength, it might seem like you’re „giving up“ on that person, but you aren’t! You just give them time, time they need to evolve and grow.

In the end there is to say that stepping up, educating myself, and living my life how I want whether people like it or not, has made me grow so so much. Even if there where times that weren’t as good - I got to see who my real friends are, whom I can trust.

The journey is more than worth it. Step up for your beliefs and live a life according to your values, save the planet, the animals and your health -> GO VEGAN!

Claudia xxx

Published by Division Claudia