I am sitting at the same spot as I was yesterday. Everything looks just the same. But, yesterday through the window glass I saw trees, bikes, people talking to each other but the most prominent thing I could see was my reflection in the glass. Today, I see that the world is much vaster than me, I can see the clouds, white ones and grey ones, I can even see blue spots between the clouds and the little yellow rays escaping from there. I can see birds flying and I can see birds on the tress. Yesterday, I saw just the tree but today I can see the different shades of yellow and green on the leaves, and when I concentrate I can even see tiny droplets of water on the leaves. Today I realize that beauty does not lie in big things but also in the small things that the nature, you and I have to offer. Today, I see that the world is much more beautiful when my ego cannot be seen.

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Published by Neeti Sharma