I recently read an article online entitled, ‘The Joy of Quiet’ by Pico Iyer. The article talks about rehab centres of holiday destinations that provide an escape from the embrace (or chokehold) of technology from everyday life. It talks about our varying addiction to the screen, and how isolation from our devices proves very beneficial.

I definitely agree that perhaps we rely on our phones or our laptops too much, and maybe sometimes we do need to disconnect from the virtual world and be brought back to reality and nature. However, I don’t think we quite need to be telling people to change or making them feel bad for using their toys too much. They were invented for a reason, so let people live their lives and do as they please.

Take time to have fun with your technology, but also remember once in a while to take notice of your family, your friends, your pets, anyone close to you, and just appreciate their existence. Life really is amazing, but it’s up to us to make our own path and do exactly what we want to do. 

Published by Nicole Schreck