Life can be unexpected sometimes, sometimes things you didnt plan for happens and you just have to scramble to find a solution to it. 

Today I was going to teach on something completly different, but then one of those things happened again. I was thrown for a loop by an unexpected event. 

This article is published two places, both on my own online church at and For those of you who follow the online church you know my story. But for my new readers at www.mytrendingstories, I will just make a short recap. 

Some years ago, my wife and I sinned and made wery poor financial decisions. We ended up in a financial chaos with a mountain of debt. For some years now we have been battling hard to keep the house and avoid foreclosure. About three months ago we decided to put the house up for sale to avoid foreclosure, and to pay of our debt. We cant continue like this, so we hired a real estate agent to take care of the sale and everything was going as planned. We had even found ourself a small, but nice apartment that we could afford which we are planning to move into in two weeks from today. So we had decided our house would then be put up for sale after we had moved. This would hopefully pay of our debt. 

We dont want to move, we want to keep our house. But we have to move due to our financial chaos. Today our real estate agent contacted us an cancelled on us. She doesnt want the job of selling our house anymore because of all the debt that is connected to it. When you have battled collection agencies for so long, and you where just beginning to get your hopes up and see the end of this with a sale, it was a hard blow. I have to admit, I first got a bit depressed when I read the e.mail from the real estate agent. 

But then the Holy Spirit reminded me of my own teachings, and as I mentioned in yesterdays teachings they are born out of experience. When I write I preach just as much to myself to help myself deal with this situation as I am preaching to you dear reader. All of my teachings are born out of a deep need to find a way out of this financial mess through the Bible. 

So when the Holy Spirit reminded me to practice what I preach, I was reminded of the importance of the blood of Jesus. It it true that the Bible says we overcome the devil, and this world - with the blood of Christ. (Rev 12:11) So even though I felt depressed and sort of panicked when I read the e.mail from the real estate agent,  I chose by my own free will to believe in the blood of Jesus Christ. I focused my mind on the blood of Jesus, and when I did the fear, worry and anxiety vanished. 

My circumstances did not change, as of this moment, it looks like we are facing foreclosure. But I am not worried. I dont have any fear. In the natural we will probaly foreclosure on the house and hopefully that will pay of all the debt. We will none the less move out of the house in about two weeks, what happens after we have moved is none concern of mine. As long as we have a place to live, which we do, I am not worried about the house. 

So I can testify to the truth that we do overcome by the Blood of Jesus, and the blood is enough for life and living. (Rev 12:11) And the Bible promises that if we do focus in on the blood of Christ then the Lord will give us everything we need for our life. He will provide for us. (2.Chor 7:1, Rom 8:32)

Right now I dont know what will happen, but I know we are safe because we are kept and protected by the blood of Christ. Of course I know that God can provide a miracle for us that lets us keep the house. We have had several prophets tellings us to that effect that we would get to keep the house, but only the Lord can decide in the end. 

I am beginning to see how things have a tendency to happen in my life where I get to test out my own teachings. And I have a deep appreciation for this, because it is way better for me to teach about something I know works in my own life. Then my own life becomes the testimony that confirms this. 

So I dont know what will happen in the future, but I know and I confess that the only thing I need is the blood of Jesus Christ. For the blood is enough. 


Published by Apostle Ernie