'The highs, lows and incredible life of the enigmatic Daniel Johns, from Silverchair to DREAMS

When Silverchair shuddered to a halt in 2011, there was no swan song, no farewell tour, just a brief statement and then they were gone - after more than fifteen years of brilliant music, five hit albums, legions of fans, millions of record sales, scores of awards and the odd controversy. Three teenagers from Newcastle had taken the world by storm within the time it typically takes most bands to record their first single. Over their stratospheric career, Daniel Johns developed into a performer and songwriter with few peers in modern music.

After the end of his marriage to Natalie Imbruglia and the break-up of his band, he became the focus of sordid headlines and whispers of wayward behaviour. People feared what might happen next.

But at the same time a new Daniel Johns emerged. His debut solo album, Talk, appeared to rapturous reviews in 2015 and raced to the top of the Australian charts, and then 2018 saw the advent of DREAMS, his long-awaited collaboration with Luke Steele,. This was a vastly different Daniel Johns to the grungy, guitar-blazing teen of the 1990s. His new sound and image were sophisticated, brilliant and sexy as hell. It was a remarkable creative makeover, perhaps the most ambitious ever undertaken by an Australian rockstar. Former rockstar.'

This book was amazing.

As a massive Daniel Johns fan, I was so excited to get my hands on this book and thankfully it didn't disappoint. I loved getting an insight into Daniel life and career by Daniel and people who live these experiences with him. Reading this book was a roller coaster of emotions, yet I finished reading it feeling completely satisfied.

Jeff Apter has done a fantastic job with this book. Documenting Daniel Johns life, from his life-threatening anorexia, crippling reactive arthritis to the highs and lows of life in the public eye. Jeff Apter's takes the reader behind the head lines of one of Australia's biggest talents.

Adding an extra layer to this book is the collection of exclusive photographs of Daniel Johns taken by eminent rock photographer Tony Mott.

The Book Of Daniel by Jeff Apter is a must read for all Daniel Johns fans and anyone interested in the Australian Music Industry.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker