Little girl don’t be afraid, It’s okay your not alone.

Your favorite person in the whole world you thought could do no wrong, but still when he did u didn’t realize. You was too young to know the depth of his actions. You knew it didn’t feel good but u was afraid that it might be normal; so u lay there with the tears falling from your eyes, waiting and praying for the moment it’s over.

When it’s finally over he acts as if nothing’s happened with a big smile on his face and the next day shows u he filmed the whole thing. Ur mortified with disgust but still think it might be normal, So u say nothing to no one, u keep it in carrying on with things. As time progresses things get worst u can’t take the pain physically nor emotionally.. Ur stuck in a place where u feel there’s nobody to help because u can’t say a word.. You feel worthless.

As u start to remember all the times that he’s touched u and told u it’s fine and your mind goes into overtime. You get a feeling of disgust, embarrassment, hate… You’ve finally Come to realise the person u admired is now the person you hate, u can’t stand to see him walking around happy as if nothing’s happened. So u distance yourself and start making excuses to your family as to why you don’t wanna see him; they’re baffled as they would be but still you can’t bring yourself to tell them what he’s done to you. So u remain silent and no one takes in your words until one day you’ve had enough and just have to tell someone..You didn’t want to but knew u couldn’t bare the pain to see him time and time again.. So u confide in the person closest to you and what a relief it feels.. But it’s not over yet.

As time moves on things get serious, the police get involve and u have to attend court. Your only 12 and scared as hell but u know u have to do this to put an end to it all.

So u tell your story thinking that’s it over but to your surprise it’s only gonna get worse. The lies he told were outrageous and foul, made out like u consented to what happened knowing that’s not true. Your distraught now not knowing what to do, does everyone believe what he’s saying is true? As confused you are u stick to your truth and wait for the outcome to be set.

A few days have passed and you have no emotion left sitting waiting to hear what’s going to happen….. It’s not good news and your world feels over with no evidence and the time gap from when it happened there was nothing that could be done.

You think it was all for nothing.

Until 10 years later u understand u did nothing wrong and sometimes people don’t get justice. You realise your stronger than you ever thought for getting through it. You realise your worth more than someone disrespecting you.

You Baby girl are an inspiration.
Little girl don’t be afraid, it’s okay you’re not alone. X

p.s. never feel you can’t express pain your going through, you need to for the sake of yourself and the situation. im here for you xx



Danielle Rochelle 

Published by Danielle Rochelle