Peace Planets.

How are we? Overall, how are we? Spiritually, mentally and physically?

Are we ready for the Mercury retrograde? See this as an opportunity to build and destroy things that have no meaning in your life or DEAD the dead end relationships/situationships which are not allowing you to grow as a person.  Is someone constantly bringing drama into your life? Let's just put it this way, if they are not in your top 10, then put no effort or energy into it. Positive energy always wins. 

Anyway, let me kick this off with a basic introduction of myself, I go by the name of Justice Equality, the one and only iLLest. Born in Chicago, raised in Guadalajara, and now a midwestern migrate to NYC. 40 years young, Aztec Queen raising generals, Steelers fanatic, music lover, life lover, love lover, creator of Planet Rarebreed, among many other things that eventually will get displayed and exposed. 



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