Mommy wanted me to talk to you about a serious issue today. Maybe mommy should get her own blog. But I do love my mommy, so I will bring up this topic for her. Let’s talk about bumper pads. The kind that go around the inside of the crib. They’re supposed to keep me safe by cushioning the wooden sides of the crib, and preventing me from sticking my arms and legs through to bars.

These days, mommies worry about SIDS. In recent years, there has been a lot of research done on this topic. Like many other mommies, my mommy does tonnes of reading on the subject of SIDS prevention. Unfortunately, nobody really knows why SIDS even happens, so it’s difficult to truly know how to prevent it.

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The internet is full of advice on SIDS prevention. There are people who point out that none of this existed when today’s mommies were babies, and they survived. There are also people who share stories of how they did everything right and the unthinkable still happened. All this SIDS information is enough to make a mommy bonkers.

One of the items being investigated are crib bumper pads. The idea is that babies can roll into a crib bumper and possibly smother themselves in their sleep. Another theory is that crib bumper pads block the flow of fresh air to the crib and can cause babies to suffocate. I don’t know if I believe that one.

My pretty crib. Hello critter friends!

My pretty crib. Hello critter friends!

I like my crib bumper pads. Mine are made by Lambs & Ivy and they match the rest of my room. I have the Enchanted Forest collection. The only piece I’m missing is the chair. Mommy won’t let me use the matching comforter and pillow because I’m not old enough for them yet. Another SIDS prevention tactic I gather. No heavy blankets, and nothing unnecessary in the crib I hear.

My crib bumper pads are covered with pictures of cute critters. I like the pictures on the inside of my crib. When I wake up in the morning, I often reach out my hands to touch the familiar characters that are always there to greet me. I talk to them while I wait for mommy to come and get me.

Mommy threatens to take my crib bumper pads away. That makes me sad. Mommy says safety is more important than fun. I don’t see what mommy is worried about. I don’t move around all that much in my sleep. My face never gets anywhere near my bumpers. I have to work very hard just to reach them with my hands, and that’s while I’m awake.

For now mommy lets me keep my bumper pads. She says she will take them away when I start moving around in my sleep. I think mommy needs to stop reading about SIDS and relax. All that stressful reading time could be used to play with me instead. Isn’t that a better use of mommy’s time?

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