One of the many pieces of business that you’ll have to take care of after the death of a loved one is the obituary. For some families, the right move is taking out a large portion of a local newspaper, as they see this action as a great honor to the deceased. Others will choose a smaller piece of text, getting an online obituary, or not purchasing one at all. No matter what, you should know around how much they cost so you can make an informed decision. We help you obtain that knowledge in the sections below.

What is an Obituary?

When somebody passes, their loved ones often want to honor their lives and inform the community of the death. One way to do so is through purchasing an obituary in a local paper. If you choose to do this, you’ll submit a short piece of writing about the deceased and provide a picture. Soon after, the newspaper will publish the Winnipeg obits for their readers to see.

Why Do People Buy Them?

The following are some of the best reasons to obtain an obituary.

  • The deceased can have a shortened version of their life story told to a broad audience, which is an excellent way to honor their passing.

  • Though you will tell people you are close to about the death, others will not hear about it under normal circumstances. An obituary informs people in the community of what happened, even those that would only be considered acquaintances.

  • It is nice to have a permanent record of the honor you gave your loved one. An obituary allows you to cut that slice out of the newspaper and keep it in a special place.

The Factors That Make Up Cost

Before giving an estimate for how much an obituary might cost, let’s discuss the factors that drive expenses up or down.

  • The Paper - The first component of price is the paper that you choose. The smallest local publications will be somewhat cheap, while larger ones will have a higher price tag. The biggest of them likely will not publish obituaries at all unless the deceased was famous.

  • Size - Next, you must choose what size you want. A small paragraph and photo will be more affordable, while a long and detailed description will cost more.

  • Online Vs. Print - Lastly, some people choose to publish their loved ones’ obituary online, which costs much less. Others prefer print, which is more expensive.

Average Cost

On the lower end of the scale is online obituaries in small towns, which can be had for under $100. At the upper end, you have multiple thousands of dollars for larger spots in mainstream publications. The aspect that changes your price the most is where you live. The following are estimates for obituary cost based on city size.

  • Small Town - $125

  • City - $260

  • Big City - $325

One more thing to note is that you can expect significant reductions if you choose online over print.

Consumer Expectations

One interesting aspect of the obituary business is that consumers are often surprised by the proposed price tag. In fact, consumers frequently end up paying double the price that they thought they would. This trend is what makes an article like this so helpful. Instead of being shocked by your bill, you will know what to expect.

Now that you know the general pricing trends of obituaries, you can make an informed decision on what you want to do for your loved one that passed. If you think this practice is essential and you have the budget for it, feel free to purchase a spot in one of your local papers. If not, don't be afraid to look into other options or skip this tradition altogether. Ultimately, you should prioritize what is best for your family over everything else, as doing so is the only thing that really matters.


Published by Lavismichel Inkel