As it says in my Bio I am a new freelance graphic designer so I would just like to show you a piece of work I have recently created for a serious topic.

This poster is about The Butterfly Project and this piece of work is very important to me personally. I know people who this project has saved so I thought I would develop a poster to raise awareness of this cause.

The Butterfly Project is a project created to help people suffering with self harm. It helps by getting them to draw a butterfly where they have been hurting themselves, and naming the butterfly after someone that they love. They cannot clean the butterfly off themselves and if it starts to fade then draw back over it again. If they harm themselves before the butterfly is gone then it kills it, but if they don't harm themselves then the butterfly gets to live.

I have found that this project helps a lot of people because when you get to the point of self harming it is difficult to see how many people really do care about you and then your mind is overtaken by dark thoughts instead of the happy ones that keep you going. Having the butterfly named after someone who loves you reminds you of that person every time you go to harm and then this can stop the addiction.

I hope that this has raised awareness of this cause and I hope you like my work.

All original artwork by Chloe Bullen.

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Published by Chloe Bullen