Camden is one of those places in London that is a must see, must go, must explore. There are so many streets and corners full of restaurants, shops, boutiques and of course, Camden Market. The last time I went into Camden, I was actually looking for somewhere to go for lunch and as I was taking a walk down Camden high street, I smelt an aroma that lead me to Delancey Street, and I found Camden Coffee Shop.

Since the late 1970s, Camden Coffee Shop has been run by Cypriot George Constinantou who at the time was a trained engineer in London and took over the shop from his uncle after deciding that he wanted to be his own boss. The shop is still so popular and you can often see a long queue of people lining up outside to get their coffee beans.

I had to take a look inside the shop as the smell lead me to the noise of beans roasting and the smell became stronger as I walked up to the door. The shop is a compact space with all the essentials needed to roast. You see sacks of beans on the floor next to the entrance ready to be roasted, 2 machines to your left, roasted coffee beans separated by where the beans came from in plastic containers and behind the counter, was George, greeting you with a smile in his blue overalls.

The roaster he uses dates back to the early 1900s, at least 90 years old and it is still going strong. The machine is a cylindrical shape with a heat element in the centre, the beans are poured into it and the cylinder begins to rotate (run by electricity). The husk drops out of the holes as it roasts and you can see it on the tray below the roaster in the above image.

I decided to buy 250 grams of ‘Ethiopian Mocha’, I’m not a big coffee drinker but I find Ethiopian beans are much lighter and smoother for my palette. Rather than the modern way of measuring the beans i.e. with an electric scale, George still weighs with traditional weights and a scale. Brilliant. The cost of beans is not pricy at all, for 250 grams, I paid less than £5, a bargain if you ask me, your beans were roasted in history.

With the London coffee trend ever growing, there is no slowing down for the Camden Coffee shop, George already supplies his beans to nearby businesses and many regulars make the trip from near and far to get their supplies.


If you love your coffee, this is a must go if you want to try out different coffee!
Enjoy. Nat xx

All images shot by myself.
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