This is the second and third book of the series. Originally it meant to finish there and of course, you can stop on number three because the story is resolved. 

The first book left me wondering if it really worth reading the series,  but fear not they are. 

Finally, some juice is coming out of it.

The circle moves into darker territories and secrets are revealed. 

I wasn't reading, I was swallowing the words.  I tell you what if you can go through the first book then the second and third totally worth it. 


Here we have some witchcraft, forbidden love, friendships beeing broken and mended and threats for secrets getting on the surface.

I was like noooo, do not fall for this Cassie or noooo do not go there Cassie. I was fully emerged, into the story. 

So read it as a whole one, two and three. I would recommend that you treat the first three books as one because there a lot of things going on and you need to have a fresh memory to understand what's happening. 

Published by Elektra Bakhshov