This is the first book from Minette Walters I've had the pleasure of reading and it certainly won't be my last.

It follows the story of Lieutenant Charles Acland - who up until recently lost his position in the army due to an accident in Iraq. After numerous talks with his doctor, he decides to pack his belongings(what is left of them) and move to London so that he can start and new life and be alone - which means leaving his parents and breaking off the engagement with his fiancee.

Although he has a lot of anger issues against woman, he seems to enjoy the company of one lady called Jackson. Maybe it is because she is a bodybuilder that they get along better than usual(more masculine and all).

What he doesn't realise is that  he is caught in the middle of "gay"murders in London and he is the police's no.1 suspect. Will he be convicted of all these murders, or will just prevail and prove his innocence?

I absolutely loved this book. Once you start, you simply can't stop. I had two theories as to who was behind the murders and none of them landed up being correct, haha. Just goes to show you that not all books give the answer away that easily.

I am looking forward to reading her next set of books - so stay tuned for that

Published by Natalie Reid