If you haven't been living under a rock then I am sure you would have heard of the Chanel Espadrilles. The Cream flats with black tip have been everywhere on social media lately, from celebrities to fashion bloggers and everyone in between - these shoes have really hit the spotlight for the Northern Hemispheres Summer months!

Now I am going to be honest with you and say that I don't have a spare $800 to spend on a pair of flats and I am 100% a supporter of rocking the trend in the form of dupes! I think dupes are the best way to jump on a trend that isn't in your price range - especially since trends like this come and go in fashion and although they are a timeless style, they are shoes and they will wear out!

The Dupes I have found that really remind me of the original espadrilles are these beautiful Croc flats! They come in a lovely cream colour and have a black tip as per the original design! These are also VERY comfortable and durable as they are made of Crocs signature rubber material. 

I think if you want to jump on the trend and not to spend a lot of money on them - these are definitely an option to look at!

What are your go to fashion dupes?

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Published by Jessica Louise