Living the UK it’s very rare we get any semblance of summer, especially in the North. I live in a City called Manchester, you may have heard of it. We’re famous for being the home of Manchester United (come on you Reds) Morrissey and the start of the industrial revolution, but what we lack is warm weather.

This year hasn’t been too bad, dare I say we have had something of an actual summer. For more than two days there was a shining bright orb in the sky, I believe they call it the sun?! Ok, perhaps I am being slightly sarcastic, but we have more cold days than warm and wet days than dry. I enjoy the sun, I do, I was lucky enough to spend a week in Cornwall this year, where every day was clear blue skies and I managed to catch the rays and spend some time at the Beach with a couple of good books.

But for me, and for as long as I can remember I have been this way, I love the colder weather. I love seeing the transition of the seasons, as the leaves change from a lush green and turn into rich reds and oranges before fading to a golden brown and falling to the floor. I like it when it starts getting dark at 5pm and there’s that chill in the air that bites at your cheeks and makes them numb.  Gloved hands wrapped around paper cups where the essence of pumpkin spice and cinnamon waft into the air and make you do that little shoulder shrug that says ‘Hmm this is nice!’

I love weekends at home with a roast dinner cooking in the oven as rain pelts against the windows and I wiggle my toes in big fluffy socks and look over the top of my book at the cats snuggling into one another before falling asleep. It’s easy in life to allow one day mould into another, but as the weather gets colder I find myself reflecting more on my life and those I share it with.  It’s hard to forget that the world around us is beautiful especially with the unnecessary hatred it is often filled with, but as I take time to reflect with the changing of the season I urge you to do the same. Your soul will feel better for it. 

Published by Georgina Lane