It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed – Napoleon Hill

The best way to ask yourself when you want to start your own business for instance, is ‘how I can add value?’ And we all can agree, even though the answer to that question can be difficult for some of us, but it’s really not a tricky question.

Most business owners, moguls, or entrepreneurs say that the most important thing to think about when you want to start your own business or creating your own brand is that you need to think of how you can add value to people who are going to be your potential customers. So think about adding value first and then the money will come. Because the money will be the value exchange that you get by charging your customers according to the value you give them in return.

Therefore, if you want to be successful in business, your career, or few other endeavors in your life, you need to think in terms of adding value. We usually get paid because we are hired to help or assist by offering something depending on the skills, experiences, and knowledge we have, which in other words we are paid to add value. And the more value we can give the more money or expensive we can be to hire.

So, two things;

  • Add value first
  • Then make money as a value exchange


You can use the gifts you possess, skills, talents, and knowledge you have acquired so far to create value whether it be from an idea that you have or just something you can offer to the table to an already established idea or business somebody else has created.

So, if you have something that you are really good at, and it adds value to other people, do not be afraid to utilize it to get something in return. You will be surprised that how many people will be willing to pay you as long as it’s something that adds value to them.

When people go to the store they usually buy something they can use according to their needs that brought them there in the first place. As a business owner, your job is to make sure you have enough products or services that are useful to the end users, or in other words customers. You don’t want to have a bunch of products in your store that you are not sure that can sell.

Let’s pretend you are your own customer, and you are in a restaurant business industry. So you are in the market business of selling food, beverages, and few other things that make the whole restaurant experiences worthwhile to the customers. But let’s say in order for your business to flourish, it really depends on the quality and taste of the food you serve and offer. Now, would you buy the food you are serving at the restaurant at the price you are charging? If you were a customer, would you come back again to your restaurant next time?

For instance; when I write something, my goal is to give value to my audiences, even if it maybe intangible value. Sometimes you cannot physically measure it, but it can be something that can push you to take action to achieve your goals, pursuing your dreams, motivating and encouraging you to change your life for the better of course. But, most of the time I really give you proven practical techniques and strategies you can use for your personal and business growth and success. Most of them I have known through my own experiences, have studied and practiced them myself, and became the things that I am passionate about and really love doing.

I have noticed that people will always buy something because of what it does for them, or the benefit it gives them, and it can be anything. I have seen people buying something because of the pleasure and joy it gives them. And to be honest, I am one of those people. It’s like when you buy a soda; you may think a soda has no value, but some people buy soda because of the pleasure they get from drinking it.

There were times I used to ask myself, why would some people pay this huge amount of money to attend certain kinds of conferences, or online courses, and etc? Can’t they just Google and get the information they need for free? But, when I started attending some of those seminars, and online courses, to find out whether I was missing out some things, it was when I realized why some people would pay to attend them. There is so much value given to these conferences and trainings, and they are very well prepared and arranged to teach you in more practical and proven way to help you become successful and achieve what you came there for to achieve. Some of them are life transforming exclusive information for your personal and business growth and success. They are money well spent information, knowledge, and proven successful strategies put together for you from people who have mastered them already.

You see, you want to be where your customers need you, depending on whatever it is you think you can offer or serve them. That’s why the concept of adding value is very important when it comes to creating a brand, products, or offering services, or starting and managing a business. It’s about value giving, because people will always buy something because of what it does for them.

Steve Jobs said “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we have done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.”

Your primary reason shouldn’t be dollars sign, should always be value giving, even though money issues really matters when it comes to dealing with business. Let’s be honest, even though for some it’s first, but the secondary reason we are running businesses is to make profit.

When you focus on giving value to other people and potential customers, money will eventually come as an exchange for the service or products you offer them. And the more you give them value the more they will be coming back. It’s a giving and taking business relationship. You give them what they want and they give you what you want; which to you can be money, recognition, sense of having a purpose, and more.

Published by Helen Majaga