The concept of time is such a strange idea to me. It's hard to imagine where I was one, five, or ten years ago. Or what path I took to get to where I am now. The idea that time flies past us so quickly is startling, scary, and yet peaceful. I can still remember in second grade how I would watch the clock tick just waiting for the hands to reach 3:30. The days seem impossibly slow, even when we were doing fun activities. Fast forward to college and I can't even keep the days straight half the time. I put my head down for five minutes and suddenly five things have piled up. We're at the beginning of the semester one day and its midterms the next. 

When talking about time it's not necessarily the essence of time itself. It's more about how I feel as time passes. How I feel I've matured or not matured. How I feel five, ten, twenty years from now. I can catch these moments that causes flashbacks to a certain age where I would have either acted differently or thought differently. It's odd because I wonder if I will continue to catch these fleeting moments in the future. I am able to recognize situations from high school or even predating high school. So it makes me wonder if I will be able to catch certain memories from college once I'm graduated. It's a hard concept to grasp but the day passes by quickly until something decides to be bold and stand out. 

The thing about time is that it's unforgiving. I've noticed this as well in the past few months I've been away from home. This isn't just a college student giving time management tips. Some of the days are completely lost on me and makes me wonder what I could be missing out or what my brain has forgotten. Perhaps it is just my messed up schedule that is causing this. But sitting here and typing this up while looking at the clock, time is slow. It is clear and concise and I can understand it. Elsewhere, time is hurried. The minutes become mere seconds and with that increase in time, I fear that I am losing valuable interactions or memories. It is a fear that I feel will occupy my mind for a good while.

What truly amazes me is that while I can struggle with the concept of time, someone on the otherside of the world can conquer it. Time is a universal law that everyone is forced to abide by. We have limited time for our lives, for this Earth, for this world. Use it wisely. 

Until next time (heh),


Published by Jack Beck