So, The Captain ( recently retitled as Captain Fad) has commenced his latest entrepreneurial project. The last one was loom band bracelets and even I have to admit that he did incredibly well selling  ( *cough* fleecing ) to many of his friends. He works on the commonly voiced business practice in #DragonsDen that it's better to have a lot of a little and thus made his first step towards being a millionaire at 10p a go. All on the back of a fashion that peaked about 2 years ago (peaked= all the parents got sick of vacuuming the little fuckers up 24/7). 
Not bad at all! 

And so onwards with the next step towards financial freedom he goes.

‘The project has been on the go for approximately 24 hours excluding the fortnight he spent prior, planning it all. Planning, in the world of #Aspergers, consists mainly of walking into your mother's bedroom at random / intermittent/ stupid o’clock early hours of the morning (think 12:30am onwards at least every 90 minutes) to declare that you have “…. Just a few more quick questions…” or to excitedly shove an iPad in said mothers face whilst exclaiming “… I have found THE perfect thing and we HAVE to order it NOW!”
There is no off-switch with an Aspergers Brain once they have found their ( current) ‘special thing’. And as a parent, there is a fine balance between supporting and encouraging, whilst also teaching and reminding them about the necessary requirements / boundaries in real, everyday life ( i.e the need for us mere mortals to sleeeeeeeep).
It was with joyous relief that I handed the parcels from #Amazon over to The Captain yesterday morning so he could finally commence, on a practical basis,  this new and wondrous project. There was much excitement as he tipped the contents out onto the kitchen table and a sea of colours drowned the vintage Paris grey wood beneath. Chatter and banter began as he vocally explored the dream of how he would spend or reinvest all the wads of cash that fate was bringing in his direction….. Oh! How we all laughed and smiled with glee.
Then he accidently dropped some of the aforementioned sea of colour onto the floor …
After picking half of it up, he announced that ‘its all just a bit too much and I need to go for a lay down’…  And promptly left us minions running his sweatshop for him whilst he CEO’d from the comfort ( and darkness) of his executive boudoir!! 

He’s promised to give the business a 12-hour solid shift today … That was at 10am this morning and it's now nearly lunch … There has already been many, many, MANY  “I’ll be down in 10 minutes” … 

I’m considering leaving a trail of #Dorritos from his bedroom to the kitchen but I suspect Fetish-Dog would get to them first and make herself ill, and then I’d have a different kind of Sea of Many Colours to deal with!
It’s not easy being a momma to an Entrepreneurial, Dorrito Loving, Fetish-Dog Owning Teen with Aspergers … But there is rarely a dull moment. Rarely does a day pass without a story that's worthy of being shared: and never is there a day when I am not amazed by the incredible way his brain functions. Wouldn’t have him any other way. 💓💓💓💓

Published by Anna J Lawrence