I've been giving this topic a lot of thought recently, especially now since winter break has started for a lot of college students. A talk with a close group of friends a few weeks ago set me on this idea of how sometimes friendships are only friendships because they are convenient. Let me elaborate.

If I had to analyze how a lot of my friendships over the years have started, it could be easily argued that they started out of convenience. I saw these people frequently throughout my time at school or outside of school. It was easy to keep the friendship intact based off of exposure. A class together, living in the same building, or something else. It was convenient to become friends with these individuals. Nothing is wrong with becoming friends with people that you see quite often. I would argue that fairly frequent contact is healthy and essential in a good friendship, at least early on. The problem that I see myself in is that I've failed at keeping in contact with those people that have moved outside just being "convenient friends." I've failed at keeping in contact with my close high school friends throughout the semester. Has it damaged our friendship? I don't think so, but that's because we've been friends for years. 

I've met a lot of new people this semester at school. I've forced myself outside my introverted comfort zone a lot of the time. And now that I'm back at home, the thought has crossed my mind that those friendships that I've accumulated over the semester will be damaged because it is not longer "convenient" to be friends. I hope to prove myself wrong. I hope to strengthen all friendships as this winter break progresses. Something as simple as "how are you doing?" is all it takes. 

Make new friends, don't forget about your old ones.

Reconnect with your old friends, don't dismiss your new ones. 

Published by Jack Beck