Dina’s courage


An assembly is singing a Christian song. A teenager is standing in front of the church entry and is staring at a women seating on the last bench. The teenager is observing the assembly wrongfully singing the Christian song. The woman on the bench turns around and sees the teenager playing in her cellphone. The teenager touches her belly and keeps on playing in her cellphone. The assembly gets up when the priest is making the last pray of the mass. The teenager sigh of relief and looks at her cellphone ringing (we can see the name Benjamin).



                               Benjamin warry up! What! No!...ok tomorrow my house.


Dina doesn’t lost sight of the women on the bench with her blue lace hat. The woman turns around and sees Dina speaking on the phone. Dina quickly stops the conversation.



                               I’ve got to go…because she’s coming. You’re annoying bye!


The woman stands up by the sound of the church bells and greets other people in the assembly. Dina is getting impatient while staring statue of Mary the virgin. She looks at the statue and robs her belly. The woman gets her out of her thought by putting her hand on her shoulder.





Since when are you talking on the phone during the mass? It is very               disrespectful.  It was him?...i thought it was over between you two? And please for the love of god hide your belly. Dina hides her belly with her coat while watching her mother being push a little by the assembly.


Susanna is annoyed by the look of some pole in the assembly regarding her daughter. She takes her car keys and makes a last sign of the cross before heading towards the door.


                               Let’s go!


Wanna no more about Dina! Stay tune next week for episode two 

Published by PJ Jacob