Top 10 things of Dallas city that grab the spotlight.

      Nicknamed as Big D, Dallas city in North Texas is truly one of the biggest cities of the country. With traditional cowboy culture, enormous acres of farms, rich spread of ranches and open stretches of spacious land, Dallas is an exciting city on its way to progress. With several offices, industries and companies, Dallas is in the race towards development. Easy availability of good-quality resources, huge areas of land, conducive climate and low standard of living are some of the striking highlights of this city that has grown tremendously over the past few years. Besides commercial growth, presence of excellent universities, colleges, schools and courses have put Dallas on a remarkable position along the educational front.

      While I had visited this city as a tourist during the 4th July weekend last year, nostalgic memories of the same fueled the idea of this article. Though my stay was limited to a duration of 3 days, my husband’s bond with the city provided me several valuable insights. After pursing his master’s education in Dallas, while he worked for a few years in the city, this home away from home made a special place in his heart. With an aim to introduce me to this city and offer a quick look of his old neighborhood, favorite restaurants and leisure hangouts, our well planned, yet short trip was totally worth it. Though the short duration of this visit did not allow us to explore every single aspect as desired, it enabled me to link his words and description with a realistic picture. For all these years, while I was only listening to the charm of this city, experiencing it with my own eyes was truly exciting in every way.

     As the tourist in me looked forward to the adventure, the city was successful in attracting me to its charm within no time. Spacious feel of the city with no troubles of traffic or crowd and low density population were some of the best highlights that appealed the Californian Bay area resident in me, instantly! With fast moving vehicles at extremely high speed, I was totally surprised by the discipline and sincerity of drivers to the laws of the road.  Ensuring safety and peace for others, the people-friendly local folks contribute to the happy quotient of the city.


   Besides the spacious roads; multi-lane highways and numerous layers of fly-over bridges attract the attention of every visitor. As a unique signature of Dallas, excellent infrastructure, top-quality construction and powerful layout are the strengths of this city. With spacious acres of land follow the perks of big houses and huge lawn spaces. Housing options in Dallas are certainly one of the best features of this city. Be it a rented apartment for students and new comers or town houses for the couples, be it houses for the entire family or vacation homes for the enthusiasts, Dallas offers it all.  Options of multiple style cuisines, besides authentic, traditional American food decorate the gastronomical theme of the city. As the Texas state displays features of a desert, Dallas has changing climate all year around. From rains to dry heat, heavy showers to freezing cold, the city shows diverse shades.

With this, let me summarize the top ten highlights of the city that deserve a special mention.


  1. Dallas is truly a foodie’s delight. From authentic American steaks and barbecue to Mexican tacos and nachos, from diverse cuisines all over the world to local farm varieties of fruits and vegetables, Dallas has it all.
  2.  Dallas is well known for its conducive climate and soil conditions for production of local fruits and vegetables all year round. Home to one of the largest farmers’ market in Texas, Dallas promotes use of local produce and fresh food for its dwellers.
  3. Standard of living in Dallas has a striking feature due to absence of taxes and low cost of raw materials and resources.
  4. Dallas is a central hub for several industries in the domain of construction, telecommunication, technology, healthcare, automobiles and infrastructure; pulling investments by several top-notch companies.
  5. Attracting students and employees from all around the country and the world, Dallas has mixed population of diverse races.
  6. Spacious landscape with broad roads, huge highways and multi-layer flyovers contribute to the excellent connectivity of the city.
  7. Dallas-Fort Worth International (DFW) airport is the third busiest airport in the world by aircraft movements. Headquarters of American Airlines, this major domestic player has approximately 900 daily flights from the DFW.
  8. Dallas is known for its cowboy culture with large stretches of ranches; numerous cows, buffaloes and horses and wide spread grazing land for the cattle.
  9. Dallas is home to several famous museums such as the Dallas museum of Arts, Perot museum of Science and Nature, African American museum and museum of Earth history to name a few.
  10. Dallas preserves the beauty of nature in the form of its trees, plants, huge stretches of lawn, state parks and gardens. Though flat land and landscape of plain offer no wonders of natural beauty, Dallas is known for maintaining and nurturing its greenery.

 Do visit this Big D city for a perfect blend between traditional and modern times. Riding over the cowboy culture, yet marching towards newer technology, Dallas is an excellent example of old meets new. 

Published by Lavanya