My sister and our friends decided to take one last trip before the summer ends “Huling hirit sa tag-init” as what my co-teacher quotes. After a few research, my friend and I narrowed our choices up to 3 beaches along Baranggay Sinapsapan, Jordan, Guimaras. Our choices are Natago Beach, Balingasag Beach and Tatlong Pulo. Among the three, we were very curious about Tatlong Pulo. The pictures we saw online are really inviting. The cottages are simple and made of wood and of course, the place looks peaceful and the beach is so captivating!

Guimaras Island is famous for two things (I think!); sweet mangoes and the white beaches. The island offers a lot of beautiful beaches and every summer I always try to visit at least one of them. This year I choose Tatlong Pulo, here is why:

  1. No electricity
  2. No cellphone signal
  3. No pollution

For people who wants a day to get out from all noise of the city and pressures from work, Tatlong pulo is the perfect solution. For me, I choose it because I wanted to experience again the life in the province where everything is simple and peaceful. I read somewhere that the Island doesn’t have electricity therefore at night we have to use kerosene lamp! Exciting isn’t it?!? Plus, I always wanted to sleep on a tent!  So I invited my co-teachers and my friends, made the reservation and waited for the day to come for our last summer adventure.

And what an adventure it is!

The day is fine. Because it is summer, we can feel the heat as early as 8am. Our group is divided by two. My sister and some of our friends went ahead of us while me and my co-teachers were late. From Iloilo Ortiz wharf, Jordan is just 15 minutes ride by pump boat then from Jordan, we will ride a jeepney to San Miguel then take a tricycle ride to baranggay Sinapsapan then viola! Tatlong Pulo!!!

That’s how easy it is to reach the beach (or so I thought!). But in reality, our trip took an exciting twist when we realized how difficult it is to reach the beach. From San Miguel we hire a tricycle that will take us to baranggay Sinapsapan. For the first 10 minutes, we traveled through asphalt road. Then we hit the rough and rocky road where the true adventure starts.

We were enjoying the scenery when suddenly we arrived at an uphill road. From the bottom I already have doubts. Will the driver be able to take us up there? What if he loses control and we slide down the road? The road is so steep it is impossible for a tricycle with three people carrying a lot of baggage to reach the top but the driver make a go of it! And in the middle before the first rise, we stopped. He can’t make it so we have to get out of the tricycle and walk to the top while the driver went down at the bottom again to accelerate.  Unlike other travelers, we were able to reach baranggay Sinapsapan riding a tricycle. Since the road is difficult and steep, some drivers won’t take visitors up the steep road so they have to take a 15 minutes hike to reach Tatlong pulo.

When we reach the top, we forget how difficult it is to reach the place. From afar, we can see the sea. The view is so refreshing. After a 5 minute trek down the road, we reached the beach. As expected, the beach is indeed beautiful.

The sand is so white..

The corals are alive…

The place is picture perfect!

Aside from the beach where we stay, we visited the neighboring island. We waited for the low tide to come before we went to the other island. Some of us just swim their way through the island while me and my fellow cowards waited for the small banca to take us there. There, at the other island we had great time swimming, playing around and exploring the place. Most of our pictures were taken there. When the low tide came, we were able to walk back on the other side. It was almost dusk when we returned and since there is no electricity, we given kerosene lamps. But the darkness didn't stop us from enjoying the night. We enjoyed the sound of the waves, catch fireflies and joked around with each other. We laugh our hearts out with our silly jokes and talked about horror stories. It was one of the best nights of my life. Me, my sister and our friends talk about different topics and in the same time developed a special bond with each other.

In the morning we rise up early to swim again. Me and my sister had a fun time paddling a small boat while our friends were busy identifying fishes and corals. When its time to went home, we leave the place with a heavy heart.

Indeed, our trip to Tatlong Pulo is my last summer adventure BUT it is one trip I will always cherish.


Published by Anabelle Suravilla