I was home from work sick mindlessly spending the day on the couch alternating between watching TV and napping. Several reruns of Grey's Anatomy aired on whatever channel I had been on when I last dozed off. Now this is a show I had zero interest in ever watching. I've never really been into any medical shows, basic cable dramas, or soap operas. You have to understand though that the remote was all the way on the other side of the room. Instead of getting up to get the damn thing I made a decision that would affect the next several months of my life. I decided to watch Grey's Anatomy.

The series of bad decisions continued. Instead of being a good sick person and falling back asleep I watched the episodes as they played back to back. Izzy figured out she has cancer. Derek was getting sued. Owen was having PTSD incidents. When these handful of episodes were over my downward spiral persisted. I hopped on Netflix just to see if the show was there. It was. I kept watching. Even worse instead of just starting the series from the beginning I searched for the episode I left off on from TV reruns so I could pick up from there! It was half way through season 5.

When I returned to my life after this sick day I still would watch an episode or two (or more) when I had downtime (or was supposed to be doing other things).  For me, the show was just a mess of contradictions I couldn't reconcile. While they did have incredibly hot people cast, they actually did a good job of casing normal people too. I grilled my sister who works in surgery about it, and the surgical part is actually pretty realistic. But then the hospital having that many extreme cases is unrealistic. The sheer amount of dumb bad luck that happens to these people is just nuts, but then it is a television show. I got to the point where I was wondering how much I actually liked the show. Did I really like it or was I suffering from Netflix syndrome and continued to watch because the next episode just cued itself right up for me? I don't know!

So I got from mid season 5 to 11. Then I was pissed I had invested all of this time in this show because, well, McDreamy. . . So I took a little break. My sister had told me that she really liked the early episodes best. After a cooling down period I watched the beginning seasons of the show. By the time I finished those season 12 was available on Netflix.

So just to recap I watched seasons 5-11, then seasons 1-5, then season 12. If you read this and think that I am just as crazy as this show, I agree with you.

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Published by Lacey Hamilton