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long time no post. Today's feature is about a book entitled The Crime Circle-- written by Yeyet Soriano. I won't be writing much in this post, since I don't plan to build a massive wall of text. Today however, I will be posting excerpts from each story within the book. I hope it tickles to your fancy and you later find yourselves wanting to read more. In the meantime, I'll add a bonus info about the author right down below for your convenience-- including other details.

The Crime Circle

Four stories/arcs make up a circle, where the lines are blurred between victim and perpetrator, between innocent bystander and involved participant, and between right and wrong.


David Roces is the front man of Baliw, one of the biggest rock bands in 90’s Manila.  He is young, talented, driven, and extremely popular. He also just received an anonymous letter with newspaper clippings saying, “There’ll be 3B4U.”  And then the front men of other bands start dying.


Zia is an artist with a lot of inner demons to slay. A victim of rape as a child, her road to recovery has been long and arduous. In fact, she is still on it. But then she starts receiving anonymous emails with links to her old court case. Then she gets an offer of a lifetime any artist would die for. Are they related? Can she ever really escape her dark past and not let it define her?


Pablo is an IT practitioner by day and an erotic fiction writer by night. He is also an information broker, responsible for the recent heists in different executive subdivisions. He suddenly develops a conscience, but he knows his policeman contact will not take kindly to this very lucrative venture ending abruptly. So what can Pablo do? And will the friendly neighborhood sari-sari store owner with a checkered past and his tall, dark and sexy Law student niece be instrumental in helping him out?


Rachel is a horror fiction writer known for her dark and disturbing stories, but she doesn’t look it in her bright summer dresses and perennial smile. She tries her hand at writing a true-to-life crime story from her past and in the process, discovers that she was never just an innocent bystander but an integral part of the story. Can a wizened crime novelist join forces with an elegant psychiatrist to help unravel Rachel’s past in order to save her future?

Release Dates

The Crime Circle print versions (local through POD and international through Amazon CreateSpace) were released on March 24, 2018. The novella 3B4U (TCC #1) was also released at the same time as an ebook on Amazon. The other novellas are planned for release as follows:

(TCC #2) Lost - May 31, 2018
(TCC #3) Climb - August 2018
(TCC #4) Breathe - October 2018

bitly.com/TCC-print  → The Crime Circle local print order form
bitly.com/TCC-print-I  → International (CreateSpace)
bitly.com/TCC-3B4U  → ebook TCC #1 3B4U (Amazon)
bitly.com/TCC-Lost  → ebook TCC #2 Lost (Amazon)

bitly.com/TCC-GR → The Crime Circle in Goodreads
bitly.com/TCC-3B4U-GR → TCC #1 3B4U in Goodreads
bitly.com/TCC-Lost-GR → TCC #2 Lost in Goodreads


about the author, you may look for her details here:

Published by Magsi Rover