The Crop Top revisited

I can seriously remember wearing a crop top in the late 80's to early 90's.  The way we wear it now has seriously changed and is way more flattering.  No more low slung cargo pants and holding your tummy in for dear life...

I absolutely love this set I created yesterday, as you get the sexy high heels and the cute little crop top, but the skirt makes it classy.  The secret is to wear the skirt high around the waist which is seriously smart if you're out somewhere and you actually want to eat something!  Hides a full tummy.


This look is great for just hanging around with friends or going shopping (caution: do not even attempt this if you are over 30 unless you have a Jlo body).  This is reserved for the lucky younger crowd.


Ok so this is one I would wear (covers up a multitude of sins). You can wear the top longer, or for a modern take, wear a tank under the top in a matching colour if you don't want to flash any midriff.  This look could potentially take you from the office to a lunch date or even a dinner date........Perfect!

Hope you had fun reading my blog!

Suuze :)


Published by Susan Crowe