I have discovered how sometimes things happens in my life that gives me ample opportunity to test out my own teachings. Today was no exception. I was originally supposed to teach on something different, but the Lord wants Me to go in a different direction and share a small testimony from my own life.


We are in the midt of selling our house and moving to a smaller apartment. Moving is always stressful, there are a lot of things to think on and a lot of things to remember. So I had everything planned, I had booked the movers to come tomorow and a cleaning crew on friday to clean our house.


This morning I awoke as usual and I had my time with the Lord like I always do. After my prayer time I felt the Lord telling me everything will be ok, everything is under control, dont worry I got this. He didnt say anything else, just that I was not to worry, He was in control and everything would be ok.


I went to work as usual and about 10 minutes after the work had begun an e.mail came from the movers telling me they had to change their plans. Instead of coming tomorow they where already on their way. I had not prepeared for this and suddenly I had to change all the plans, but the e.mail said they where just to begin packing today and making the actual move tomorow. Life had suddenly thrown me for a loop, a test of faith you might say.


So I jumped in my car after checking with my boss if it was ok for me to be gone for a few hours and drove as fast as I could home to my house. About 10 minutes after a huge truck came driving up the driveway to our house. It didnt look like the kind of truck they would use if they where just packing today and moving tomorow. It looked like the kind of truck you would use for moving.


When the movers had parked and jumped out of the car they told me they where packing AND moving all our stuff today. So once again I had to change all my plans and accept a totally new situation.

So right now they are in the process of packing all our stuff, and when I am finished at work in 2 hours and 30 minutes I will drive over to meet them and show them where to drive our stuff to. So sometimes this evening they will be finished unloading the moving truck outside our new home.


Even though this was something I had not planned for, totally unexpected, I handled it quite well. I didnt handle it because of something I am capable of doing, it was because my faith is in the blood of Jesus Christ. So this morning He gave me a heads up in advance of what was coming, and He already told me not to worry because He has complete control over the situation.


God sometimes works like this, He tells us His solution and how we are to respond in advance but sometimes He chooses not to tell us what is going to happen. Looking back it is a reasonable choice considering if He had told me this morning that the movers where coming today instead of tomorow, I would probaly have panicked in the few hours I had this morning before I had to be at work.

So God knew the best thing for me would be to know in advance that I was not to worry, He was taking care of everything, so that when this unexpected thing happened I would instantly know «oh this was what He was talking about».


This is what the Bible promises us if our faith is firmly focused on the cross of Jesus Christ. It doesnt promise us a care free life without challenges. But it promises us that when challenges arise He will help us, and His help will be perfect for each and every situation. I needed to hear Him tell me this morning that everything would be ok, that He was and is in complete control and I was not to worry. And I am thankful He didnt tell me what was going to happen, why He said those things to me. So when it happened I knew that I was not to worry, not to get sceared, stressed out and anxious because He had already promised me to be in charge and control over the situation.


Dear reader, I hope this small testimony will encourage you to have your faith in the cross of Jesus Christ and His blood. Its the only way to victory as a christian, so when life throws you for a loop you know that you are living by grace through faith in His cross and death.


Tomorow I will not have internett acces because I will be busy unpacking after the move. But I will be back with another teaching on Thursday. If you are a member of my online church will continue to pray for you each day between the hours of 04:00 am – 07:00 am (CEST)

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