The Crying Girl is an artwork created by Roy Lichtenstein in 1964. The piece is a porcelain enamel on steel recreating a 1963 comic strip depicting a beautiful emotional blonde.

Lichtenstein is believed to have been inspired by Picasso’s weeping woman.

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The Crying Girl is the glamorized American Girl of the period. She fits into the theme of "women in love affairs with men that made them miserable" that Lichtenstein indulged in.

In 2016, she gets a makeover as the artwork for Fabolous' latest mixtape;  Summertime Shootout 2: The Level Up.

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The Crying Girl is now decked in gold, embellished with a diamond ring , and holding hundred dollar bills.

So why is she still crying?

Let's look at the actual mixtape for answers ...

In the second song, Goyard Bag ft. Lil Uzi Vert,

Lil Uzi raps;

"Nowadays I feel like I'm my own idol

Scratch her off the list like a vinyl

Real girl, I don't really like her

I just really wanna just spike her

Yeah, yeah, you know I night ya

Hope ya wasn't thinkin' I'ma wife ya"

Ouch. Typical objectification of women as disposable objects.

Moving on, in Faith in me ft. Wale,

Wale sings:

"I love you

I want you

Have faith in a young OG"

 Sweet, we begin to think there is hope for her happily ever after.

That is until Wale puts a twist on a classic Biggie line:

"Who rock grooves and make moves with all the mommies?"

All the mommies? hmmm okay.

 Then in Sex Wit Me ft. Rihanna x Trey Songz

Rihanna is considered to be one of the baddest (most empowered) female celebrities right now. She is the hip hop glamorized American Girl today (in some instances).

Fabolous himself raps:

"When the flex is amazing, the sex is amazing

Bought her a chain cause the neck is amazing

I be on the grind but a woman need time

So she gotta get her Rolex for her patience"

He is too busy to spend time with her so he buys her lavish gifts. Now we know where she got the roley from.

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52 years later our girl is still crying, still miserable over men. At least now she has some skrilla  $ to wipe her tears away with.

Hopefully in the next reinvention there will be no tears.

Until then, The Crying Girl should just call up Rihanna and go shopping in Paris. riri
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Published by Nina Ambros