photo of crystal skull
The Anna Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull

Written By: Gary Wonning

The crystal skull was discovered at Lubaantun in 1924 by Anna Mitchell-Hedges at the ripe young age of 16. Her father was exploring British Honduras (now Belize) looking for evidence of the legendary Atlantis, when he heard rumors of a pyramid containing relics from an ancient civilization . Her account of the discovery states that she was the only one small enough to climb into the small entrance of the pyramid where the skull was found.

Thirteen of the crystal skulls have allegedly been found in parts of Central America, Mexico, and South America. The skulls are believed to be between 5,000 and 36,000 years old and many people claim they hold healing and magical properties, however, no one really knows where they came from or how they were made.


The other skulls have been found near ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins, with some evidence linking them to ancient civilizations of Peru. The Mitchell-Hedges skull is the most famous as it resembles a human skull and remarkably, has a removable jaw bone.


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An interesting photo book about the Maya Indians of central America

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