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Welcome back on my blog for a new post. I want to talk about a new discovery that has changed my life skin these days!

My skin lately has been severely tried by my not particularly healthy lifestyle (yes I know, long hours at work, stress, lack of sleep and all that jazz...) and when levels of stress get highs my skin reacts breaking out. My chin and jew line are the areas where, most of the times, I got spots and, and, since I'm working in direct contact with other people, I feel quite embarrassed by my skin condition.

Face masks and Ghassoul clay (used as a cleanser) are my favourites emergency treatments but most of the times taking time to have proper home SPA treatment is such a utopia. In short, I was looking for a quick no frills treatment to add to my skincare routine that could calm down my skin and make it cope better.

It was while I was browsing into Ula Blocksage videos on youtube (she is wonderful and gives a lot of tips and hacks for a natural skin care) that I got the inspiration. In this video ( click here ) I heard Ula speaking wonders about the blue chamomile essential oil and from that moment I knew that I had to have it my collection.

Blue, or German, chamomile is widely known for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties that means it's a Godsend to heal irritations and calm down stressed-out skin condition. Plus it has also anty septic benefits that can be helpful to balance sebum production.

In short, this essential oil can be a good ally to prevent breaks out, treat skin disorders and improve the condition of dry inflamed skin.

The thing that it impressed me the most, it has a blue tint. This is completely natural and it's due to the azulene (natural blue tint) contained to the essential oil and the scent is amazing, it smells exactly like chamomile daisy flower.

I added 10 drops to a 60 ml bottle of Rose Hip (Rosa Mosqueta) oil and this concoction has soon become my favourite face oil to de-stress and relieve angry skin. A couple of drops of this magic blue oil in my skin care routine (after my serums and before heavier creams) both AM and PM and my skin has stopped to react and break out.

Blue chamomile essential oil is something that I definitely recommend to try! No jokes.


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