In sickness and in health,
Not just for the hitched,
Maybe I’m a snitch,
Trying to ditch fiction,
In hopes for better conditions,
Not for myself,
But for others,
I get it,
In my eyes,
No matter if my Queen is perfectly healthy,
Sick or aged a bit,
When she reaches her eighties,
She still will be the Queen,
That I first laid my eyes upon,
Although all of this is true,
I am concerned,
Idiots defending Ariana,
Energy better served,
For those making Grande for the privileged,
Same love I got for Mrs. Solichah,
Is the same calling God sends when fame calls,
Refuse to drop dollars watching Minaj drop,
Busy watching bombs drop,
Love for veterans have me driving strangers,
Winter arrived and Backpage closed,
No more safe-money,
Walking in below freezing weather,
Trying to get money,
I love my Queen,
But this world is going to shit,
Ego called selfishness,
Superiority came knocking,
My vows picked up a sword,

Published by Khalid Zilberg