Season Zero’s article about exciting CW projects helps me organize my thoughts about what the net should do this pilot season!

Season Zero notes that what they don’t need at this point is a new DC comics show, with four already on the schedule.  I have to agree, though I am interested in a show focusing on either the Teen Titans as a whole or on one of them as an individual.  Starfire or one of the Wonder Girl’s perhaps?  Or maybe Raven?  But yes, wait until one of the current shows comes to the end of the line. 

Anyway, the new options include Casa, the story of Hispanic siblings who band together to survive after their parents are unjustly deported.  It’s a decent concept for a new soap, though it will probably be passed over in favor of the Dynasty reboot that will likely have about the same success as the new Melrose Place.

Criminal Magic is set in a world where magic is real and seems to be basically treated like a drug.  The story follows a young woman with mysterious powers and an undercover cop who try to survive in the dangerous and glamorous world.  There is also Searchers, about a brother and sister who learn that their mother’s scary stories were actually true, and work together to uncover the truth about the legends, myths, and mysteries of the world.  Both of these projects could be the companion show to Supernatural that the net has long been looking for, as could Weaveworld, the adaptation of a Clive Barker novel about two people who must protect a magical realm and save humanity from an evil force.

From the creator of ending historical drama Reign we get a project focusing on the legendary spy Mata Hari.  Presumably another historical drama, though Season Zero notes that it could be a modern reimagining of her.  I’d probably prefer the modern take actually, but it seems unlikely.

The new Julie Plec project, Rise, tells the story of everyday people in the wake of a terrorist attack that led to Martial Law, who rebel against the new government when it becomes clear that they were behind the attack that decimated the country in the first place.  Meanwhile Tim Kring of Heroes fame has Stick Man, the story of a documentary filmmaker putting together a documentary about the murder of her father who becomes increasingly drawn to the convicted murderer, and learns that her father’s death may be tied to supernatural events.  Season Zero thinks it would be better to take out the supernatural elements.  I don’t know if I agree with that, though I am in line with his thoughts that it might make more sense as a miniseries than a long-term series. 

Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory is producing The Terranauts, a fictional story about a real-life experiment to create a sustainable environment for generations to come.  This is based on a novel by T.C. Boyle, and while Season Zero questions if the CW is the best home for the project, but thinks the net should definitely try to make it work.

Other projects include a TV show based on the movie The Lost Boys and the Kevin Williamson ghost project that made it to the pilot stage last year.

Published by Andrew Clendening